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VanMusic is Vancouver’s main source for independent music. Since launching in 2009 has quickly become one of the top websites for information about Vancouver’s music scene.

On our main page you will find a “Spotlight” and a “Featured” section. They are opened up for Event Promotion, Venue Promotion, Store Advertising etc. If you feel that you would benefit from being in our Spotlight or Featured section then this may be the space you are looking to advertise on. Keep in mind these sections are the first thing our visitors look at.
There are a number of other Spotlight and Featured areas of the website geared solely for advertising. Please use the handy guide below to understand where you can place ads on VanMusic and what the requirements of each ad are.

We at VanMusic are interested in creating and maintaining strong relationships with our clients and friends. Therefore as our numbers increase so does the benefit to you. By purchasing advertising with us now, we will always honour that rate of advertising for twelve months. Rates will go up with our new revamped website, but you will still be paying today’s price.
Our Spotlight and Featured sections are great spaces for event promoters and anyone who has a variety of events, shows or albums to advertise over the course of the year. The Spotlight section is $200 per month on a monthly basis. If you choose to purchase advertising with us for the whole year in advance then the cost to you would only be $100 per month. $1200 for a year’s worth of advertising with VanMusic!

The featured section is $100 per month on a monthly basis, if you purchase for the year in advance the cost to you would be $50 per month. ($600 for the year)