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6 Questions for the Electro Trio Gang Signs

19 September 2012 No Comment

6 Questions for the Electro Trio Gang Signs

BIO:  GANG SIGNS have emerged from the Vancouver scene with a dreamy, yet dark electro EP . Consisting of members Matea Sarenac (DJ Wobangs /, Peter Ricq (one Half of HUMANS), and Adam Fink (drums drums drums!), the trio have already opened for such bands as Yacht, Tanlines, Gold & Youth and Young Empires.

All individual tracks were written, recorded and produced in less than a day by Peter Ricq, during his days off from HUMANS.  During the past year, Peter, Matea and Adam have recorded 21 tracks and have selected 8 for official release on their debut self-titled EP GANG SIGNS. Keep your eyes and ears out for more this year.
VanMusic:  You released a 8 song Self Titles EP last month, what are your plans to support it? Any upcoming shows? Tour?
GS: Sept 21st ! We are playing at the Biltmore for Olio. Touring is on the Horizon for the near future. 
VM:  How would you describe the electronic music scene here in Vancouver?
GS: Pretty sweet
VM: Do you have an album that really stands out for you as life changing? Once you heard it you wanted to start making music.
Matea: My taste in music is pretty eclectic and has changed quite a bit over the years. So it wouldn’t be just one album that stood out. If I had to say anything it would be older Mariah Carey and Crystal Castles’ first album.
Adam: PRINCE! I loved purple drink when I was a kid…
Peter:  Yeah, Micheal Jackson’s Thriller. I think that  really got a bunch of kids into music and crotch grabbing back in the 80s
VM: You all have so many other projects on the go individually, is there anything musically that you would love to do that you haven’t yet?
Matea: There is so much I want to accomplish musically and try out. It’s never-ending.
The Gang Guys: We’d like to start a loud, garage rock electro band. That’s what the original idea behind Gang Signs was at first but things turned out differently.We’ll get to do it one day.
VM: How did you all come together and make this happen? What’s the story behind Gang Signs?
GS: We kept getting beat up walking home from work so we decided “If we started a gang, people would be afraid of us and start buying us chocolate”. We like dark chocolate.
VM:If you had the chance to collaborate musically with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Gang Signs: (left to right) Peter, Matea and Adam

Matea: Aaliyah because I love her.
Adam: Han Solo, because I love him
Peter: Skeletor, because of his whiny voice.
VM:  If the band had to relocate to any city in the world what city would you pick and why?
Matea: Ibiza?
Peter: Guadalupe, went there as a kid, my first trip ever. Always wanted to go back.
Adam: Wouldn’t mind giving Germany a try. Always wanted to see Berlin.


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