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Marie Avery

29 November 2012 No Comment

Marie Avery may have appeared out of nowhere.

Originally from Northern Ontario, her journey to find herself and her musical identity has taken her across Canada and back again, finally settling in Hamilton, Ontario in 2008.

Her own music has been taking shape since she was a teen, but publicly Marie’s been busy behind the scenes, lending her vocal and keyboard skills to Hamilton bands (The Foreign Films and Dark Mean) and organizing performance events that showcase others talents.

It’s in Marie’s nature to take things slowly. To let the dust of her emotional ruins settle before embarking on any major journey. After two years of working intermittently in the studio on her debut EP, “The Fire”, Marie has emerged with a hard-won collection of 5 songs. The songs and arrangements, built around her own piano and vocals, are at once humble and dramatic, subtle but elaborate.

There were real stakes involved in the making of “The Fire”. To enter a studio, and lay down her most personal compositions, has always been a terrifying thought for Avery. At some point you can’t hide behind your thoughts without being crushed by them, and with Marie Avery’s debut EP she juxtaposes venerability with a strength of purpose and vision to create a work of whimsy, magic, and raw nerves. Always smouldering under the surface, “The Fire” is about the drive that moves us forward in our own journey, in our own search for freedom.

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