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Dirty and the Derelicts last show

18 April 2011 No Comment

Dirty and the Derelicts

Motorama, The East Vamps and Vancouver Killing Spree joined Dirty and the Derelicts for their final show!

The metal/punk rock community gathered together this weekend to say goodbye to one of the longest hard rock bands in Vancouver. Their punk rock attitude will be missed, but one of the members told us they are writing songs and we will hear from them maybe in different projects. Maybe even playing together under a different name.

Even The Rotten out of Ottawa shared the bill, they were touring and got in at the last minute. Vancouver Killing Spree opened the show while the Funky Winkerbeans started to fill. In case you don’t know, The Funky Winkerbeans is the new refuge for metal punk in Vancouver where Wendy Thirteen and Karla McLeod are bringing the bands that they used to book at the Cobalt. The venue is smaller but the vibe is the same. After VKS, the guest from Ottawa played followed by the East Vamps commanded by Gerry-Jenn Wilson ex JP5 The main dishes were Motorama and Dirty and the Derelics.  Here is the official statement.

After a decade of playing the dingiest bars in Vancouver and Canada, we’ve decided to call it quits.

…Joining us for our final show were the original lead guitarist Mike “Red” McLeod and drummer Blake “Captain Heatscore” McCandless rocked along with Johnny Dropout.

We’ve had a few line up changes over the years, and every change brought a new vibe to the songs. This time around my long time partner-in-crime Mr. Greasy Wormlips decided he’d had enough. For me, the thought of teaching a new bass player the old songs and getting the sound down again seemed more like work than a pursuit of passion. I wrote “The Party Song” when I was 23 years old. Still love that song… it’s honest and fun and rockin. But it’s not where I am now.

I never worried about conforming to a specific sub-genre of rock and roll… it was all about the song. My goal has always been to write the perfect pop song, and there’s a few I think qualify, but I’ll wait another decade or two to make a verdict. We may not have set the Vancouver music scene on fire, but I think we added a bit of colour to the proceedings.

This has been nothing but fun for me, even when it sucked. I wrote most of the lyrics for our second album “The Usual Way” while working at a landscape company and walking the length of Skytrain line picking up garbage. It occupied my thoughts in a good way. And it was exciting. Dizzy had never camped in his life until we went to California on tour and had days to kill and nowhere to go. Greasy and Red had never been east of Alberta till we toured the country. We hit 8 of the provinces, (sorry Nova Scotia and Newfoundland/Labrador). We got to visit old friends and family along the way. We made new ones. We played hundreds of shows. It’s been awesome.

There’s so many people I’d like to thank, but I’d miss too many. All the fans, bands, promoters, friends, families, well-wishers and enemies. Thank You all!


Dirty and the Derelicts 2000-2011

Dirty Swagger: Vox/Guitar
Greasy Wormlips: Bass/Vox(2001-2011)
Johnny Dropout : Drums/Vox(2009-2011
Mike “Red” McLeod: Guitar/Vox (2001-2007,2011)
Captain Heatscore – Drums, Vocals (2006-2009,2011)
Deadbeat Pete- Bass, Vocals(2008-2009)
Chris “Dizzy Slip” DaSilva – Drums (2001-2006)
Grahmn Kristopherson – Bass (2000-2002)
Mike Beddington – Drums (2000-2001)
Brent Someone – Bass (2000)

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