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Review of Los Furios concert at the Rickshaw

8 February 2013 No Comment

Los Furios rocked the Rickshaw Theatre on January 24th.

By Corina Pilay

Photo by John Prentice

Along with The Bone Daddies, Heads Hang Heavy and Chris Murray, Los Furios killed at the Rickshaw in the Winter Wipeout on January 24th, 2013.

Skank is bliss. There are not many ways to fully let go on the dance floor as civilly, yet ravenously, as kicking and swinging to a ska punk band. The feeling is unreal.

As far as Vancouver is concerned, Los Furios is one of the, if not the ultimately, best ska punk bands in town. Their mix of traditional ska, punk and Latin undertones makes them a rarity in the West Coast.

On January 24th, the band graced the Rickshaw with its presence with an amazing bill. Opening with “Ghost Town,” James Wilfred Martin’s saxophone licks and Corinne Kessel’s amazing trombone stole the show in their distinctive flirty styles. Soon followed by a crowd favourite, “Nineteen Seventy Seven” roared up a storm on the floor.

The event brought out the punks and slackers that are sadly no longer seen at shows on a regular basis. It felt like a misfit family reunion. An exciting and jovial air took over with chants and raised fists throughout the show until their usual closing song, “Together as One.”

However, there is yet one complaint. The only objection at any Los Furios show is that their set was too short. Bearing in mind the other three other bands, Kyle Fury, kindly refused an encore to get the legendary Chris Murray on stage.

If you find yourself in Mexico during the month of November, be sure to catch them on tour. I can only imagine what sort of debauchery will unravel down south, so stay tuned.


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