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Exclusive Radio Interview with John Pippus

28 October 2010 3 Comments

John Pippus playing LIVE! on The Morning After Show

This was a special show about Halloween and we have as a guest singer song writer John Pippus playing LIVE and talking a little bit about life and his music. We started the show with some cool cover songs, Paint in Black by Inccubus Succubus, Show me the way from Peter Frampton by Dinosaur Jr., Love will Tear us apart of Joy Division played by Swans. We also had John Pippus and Adam Baile playing LIVE!. John Pippus is a Vancouver singer songwriter who just released his latest CD Born a Genius. The CD has a couple of gems like Shopping Cart Joe, “I invented that song, just trying to put a face to the problem of homelessness, humanizing a very real problem in our city” said John. Legalize it that talks about the dangers of the prohibition of drugs. “The song was inspired by a kid who died of an overdose on a very strong amount of heroin, it was an accidental dead. If drugs were legalized and if it was a worldwide reality maybe he wouldn’t have to die. If they were legalized and if you wanted to get some drugs, go ahead, there, it costs so much money and it is this pure so fill your boots, I mean I went to the funeral of this kid and to see his father bury his son, it was a very sobering experience. If drugs were legal I am not going to go and do drugs, I don’t smoke marihuana to create but if people want to smoke or use it as a recreational drug well go ahead. If you have a disease and pot takes away your pain then it is a no brainer.”

Here is a piece of the interview that happened on The Morning After Show LIVE! Last Tuesday. Van Music´s own Jordan Grey was on the show talking about this site as well and presenting his newest favourite band The Quiet Kids. Jordan gave us the latest highlights of VanMusic including our participation in VIFF, all the new content, interviews, reviews, etc.

For this album I wanted a mid tempo to up tempo and wanted less than half the CD not to be about relationships good or bad, I wanted to write more about the individual and society. The CD has a lot of social issues. Its more honest to write what this world is about” continues Pippus.

“If you have a talent, you should respect that talent and try to use to make this world a better place. We have that responsibility we have our health, our wealth in our society we should definitely be using it to make the world a better place, its a cliche but its a good cliche”. He said On Air at 101.9 FM.

Pippus has n EP in 2006 and one CD before Born Genius. Born a Genius is Pippus’ second full length album. The new CD was produced by Adam Baile (from Watasun) who also plays Keybords and does some programming. John also has a lot of guests in his production like Pamela Searle, vocalist Alisha Brillinger, Karina Morin, The Dunbar St Choir, guitarist Neal Ryan, Thomas Morgan, bassist and percussionist Reid Hendry and Adam aka Ronii Wata among other people in the local community. The CD is an independent production.

John Pippus has a tradition of helping young artists with two weekly nights at Trees Coffehouse. Every Thursday and Friday he host a night presenting established and new artists.

For 5 years I have been hosting a week on Trees Coffeehouse, an organics coffee shop on Granville street from 8 to 10 PM Last week we had David Vertesi from hey Ocean! and it was packed.

John Pippus played three songs LIVE on the radio The First Mistake, Lets Legalize it and Let follow the river a brand new song.

We played music by Stars, Fortunately everything dies with the song erotic nights of the living dead, The Ruby Suns, great tunes. We also gave away tickets for Black Mountain and Black Angels, we played Black Angels, Five Alarm Funk with Infernal Monologue (Nov 12 560 Club in Vancouver). More covers we played I wanna be your dog by the Stooges as performed by the Swans, we also played a Pere Ubu cover, Final Solution as performed by Peter Murphy. We played DeLorean, The Quiet Kids among other songs. Check out The Morning After Show every Tuesday at 1130 AM on CiTR or 101.9 FM

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