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Charqui Grill is becoming a LIVE, ALL AGES MUSIC VENUE.

18 February 2014 No Comment

 Charqui Grill is a LIVE, ALL AGES MUSIC in Kitsilano 1955 Cornwall. 

Vancouver- Some many music venues have closed over the years in Vancouver leaving our growing number of musicians with fewer places to perform. VanMusic and Charqui Grill are happy to announce that we have LIVE music suited for all ages at the restaurant located in 1955 Cornwall.


VanMusic’s Open Mic. Every weekend a different host takes over the microphone to present some of the best musicians in town. A truly great music community with amazing players.


Rock at Charqui with the best bands in the city. Viernes de rock is a new series where artists can play and rock the stage.


Charqui and VanMusic features a band and their guests on Showcase Saturdays.


Karaoke night with all the hits that you can imagine.

Char·qui [chahr-kee] is the Spanish pronunciation of an indigenous Quecha word for cured meat and it is from where we get our word jerky. The use of charqui spread throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and spawned a multitude of local dishes. In the Caribbean the sauces used for charqui were adapted for cooking on an open grill by adding pimento berries, also known as all spice. In our restaurant we have refined this sauce to use on our grilled food. We welcome you to enjoy the flavors of the fire and spices.

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