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Live At Squamish photo contest

29 August 2011 One Comment

Guess who the people in the photos are and win tickets for Next Music From Tokyo taking place October 18 at The Biltmore with food included

Coming to Vancouver from Tokyo are:

NATSUMEN Legendary eight-member super-group playing experimental hardcore jazz with face-melting power and precision. Check them out here

Chee-na Freakishly talented pop band blending elements of classical, jazz and folk with soulfully sublime female vocals. check them out here

Akai Kou-en (translation: “red park”) Four girls aged 18-20 citing the Boredoms as one of their favourite bands. This explains why their deliciously melodic pop can veer off into darkly ferocious noise. Cute, gorgeous, creepy and intense… all at the same time with mind-blowing musicianship that belies their age. Their music, video footage and CDs cannot be found on the internet. The only way to experience them is to see them live.

Hyakka Fronted by one of the wildest most charismatic female guitarists around. Hyacca’s music is a sonic maelstrom of lightning speed-punk with shoegaze soundscapes, krautrock rhythms and mathy, angular riffs. So powerful and catchy even the most introverted wallflowers will turn into unabashed dancing machines. Check them out

Joining these bands are local favourites SSRI’s who will show the folks from Japan that Vancouver is no slouch when it comes to innovative, energetic music of the awesome variety.

More info click here

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Photos by Sheng Ho for VanMusic

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  • Shaun

    One is Emily Haines from Metric, then the guy from Weezer, two guys from Weezer. The other I don’t know, Black Mountain maybe?