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The Morning After Show with Oswaldo Perez

10 November 2009 2 Comments

themorningaftershowToday at 11:30!

Join Oswaldo on his first show since he’s been back on Canadian Soil. I have no doubt it will be a interesting episode, Oswaldo giving his viewers some incredible music to listen to that he has collected during his travels. Your future favorite song could be on this show! Don’t miss out.

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  • Great show today Oswaldo! Welcome back!

  • Thanks. Here is the playlist.

    De Lorean a Basque band relocated in Barcelona, the album is called into the Plateau and we heard a couple of songs, Soon which says that don´t be afraid, everything is going to end up soon. The other song was Metropolis death.

    This is a cover of The Gossip by two Spanish bands, Arizona Baby and LA, its a song that lifts you off your seat. Standing in the way of control. Its starts kind of country and evolves into a frenzy of sounds.

    We heard Vetusta Morla with Christina Rosenvingue with a Surjan Stevens cover Chicago, also another gem.

    They sent this CD from NY. Lunic is a cool band from the USA. We heard the song Love me the CD is entitled Love thief.

    From Sweden we heard this ballad I won´t cry, by Elin Lanto.

    You Say Party We Say Die from their new CD XXX the song was called Glory. One of Vancouver´s favourite bands.

    Language Arts from Vancouver with the song Running at sunset in a moonlit town from the CD where were you in the wild?

    Warless another CD that was sent to the show, we played the first song of the CD called Vancouver talent. The song was Contemporary Blues.

    Sex with Strangers, they are really cool because they always send their Cd to me. Vancouver veterans now. The new one is called Tokyo steel and I think we heard Sharpen the Knife

    The Step Parlours, they also have a new Cd The Hidden names The and they are also a Vancouver band. The song was as the world turned out.

    Vincat with the song owls. I am not sure now that these guys are from Vancouver, they might be Albertans. But they played Vancouver.

    The Tomorrows from the CD Jupiter Optimus Maximus the song was called Effortlesslee
    Foreing block. Maruska sent this song from a Hungarian band in Pecs, 30Y and the song respekt.

    Los Mosquitos, this is a Russian band but they sometimes sing in Spanish,

    Ska-p with the new CD Lágrimas y Gozos, this song is dedicated to the Vatican that protects pedophiles priests.

    Tranzmitors with a cover from The Jesus and Mary Chain Between Planets, really cool. This is also a Vancouver band.

    We finished with a song of The Rain and the Sidewalk, they have a new double CD we listen to in the entire fucking universe. I need to have drinks with these guys.

    Bonus track: Check out this bonus track with Kliff.