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New Video – Boombox Saints “Gotta Let You Know”

7 July 2011 No Comment

Boombox Saints have just released their new video for the track “Gotta Let You Know”.

The video premiered on Rapcity last week and since has officially been added into TV rotation at MuchMusic and MuchVibe in Canada!

Boombox Saints started out as a live band, testing the waters with a variety of sounds while going through their musical evolution. Honing in on their collaborative passions, in 2008, the group found their groove – a contemporary R&B, Golden Era Hip Hop mix with a Pop Culture zest.  Consisting of two devilishly charismatic MCs, and a seductive smooth Vocalist, these multi-talented artists provide a searing new sound for the Urban Music community.

Spanning from across Canada, Boombox Saints take pride in representing their culture with dignity, heart and a strong work ethic. This group emanates diversity. They can rock any house; from all ages events, fashion shows to concerts. Garnering considerable media attention for their hyped performances alongside some of todayʼs most successful and respected acts — Kid Cudi, Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Talib Kweli, Souls of Mischief, Far East Movement, Danny Fernandes, Sean Paul and many more.

With a rapidly growing fan base, Boombox Saints have become sought after artists and are booked months in advance. Their uncanny ability to capture a room leaves their fans and first time audiences asking for more.

Finishing in the top 3 out of 125 nationwide submissions for UMAC’s 2009 Urban X-posure Triple Threat, Boombox Saints were signed to a singles digital deal with Nettwerk Records and shortly after released their debut single “She Got”.

Boombox Saints – Gotta Let You Know [Official Music Video]
Produced by: ESS
Video Produced by: Classics Agency
Directed by: Mike “M.R” Rodriguez

Download For Free:
EP Title: Bringin’ The Boom Back: Based On A True Story
Released: March 8th, 2011


“Gotta Let You Know” Lyrics:

The proceeding has been brought to you
Finally from my heart so I thought I’d do
Something just a little different or unusual
Believe me ma this aint quite what I’m used to
Breakin the silence of exactly what I bottled in
Expressin every feelin whom my heart has chose
So here we go in
See I remember when we got introduced
Familiar face yet the feeling was truly brand new
The front door of my life was how you came through
Off a long term relationship is how we came to
Get to talkin and gettin’ ourselves well acquainted
Overwhelmed by ya personality was no mistake and
I couldn’t help but feed off all ya energy
Damn I found a female version of me
Honestly it had me buggin’ out
Cuz you’re exactly what I’m talkin bout
So imma scream and shout

So many people wanna talk about this and that
Bout you and me and how we shouldn’t be getting back
Together, whatever, they’ll never know our love
They hardly know themselves how they gonna know us
You let me play my game, I let you play yours
Its a win, win thing when we all score
You can be my centre and I’ll be your guard
And I swear on everything will never get a loss, baby!
This is that real talk, there ain’t no metaphor
There ain’t no simile, there’s nothing similar
There’s only unity, true indeed
You and me the 89th key stay in tune with ease and
We can play together, finding secret chords
So even when we verse we be on the same chorus
The soundtrack to my life, baby you’re my score
And the beat goes on

I said shorty what you need huh
Be that man in your life
Help you achieve everything you ever dreamed ma
You can even be my
Inspiration too my only
Wish is to inspire you
And everything homey saying be true
Turn out to be lies he lying you forgive Him time after time
and I swear….
Now if you were mine expect nothing less
You would have more shine than I
And I shine cuz you are my light
The sun,the moon, the sky and all of my stars aligned
Bet you never thought you’d find
A kinda guy, respect your mind
Don’t mind miss independent types, and Yes you are!

Girl I had to let you know
You’re the one I’m lookin for
and I’m never wanna let you go (repeat to fade out)

You know let’s go let’s roll
What the hell you waiting for
You’re the girl I’m looking for let’s start with this back back forth and forth

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