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The Executives on The Morning After Show

11 December 2010 No Comment

The Morning After Show presented The Executives

Photo By Maruska

We started the show with a band called Cougar from the UK and then De Lorean when they were way cooler, with the song DeFunked, then we played the Obits from their CD I blame you on Sub pop records.

We had Dan and John from the Executives, they have a CD called a New Form of a Social Sins. “When the Pope came with new forms of social sins. you know, there were not sins before but now they are, so I think it sounded cleaver so we stole it from the Pope” said John, the singer of the band. Among their influences are the Stone Temple Pilots, Pantera, Alice Cooper to Bach, Kate Bush among others.

They played LIVE! at the show and talk to us about their band, their new plans and their CD and they played Hitler 101 about some of the injustices in the world.

The we also played some Canadian bands like Brain Sauce from Moose Jaw,  Saskachewan, among their hits is Marijuana stole my baby. Also we played some Russian Futurists. Then we headlined some of the winners of Shindig that played in the final, the WIZERDZ, the Crystal Swells and the champions, The Oh Wells! who are more folk rock than the other two runner ups.

Dan from the Executives told us that he is lucky with the girls because he is true to himself and advised the public to be true to yourselves. Dan also played some JS Bach, a classical piece followed by a LIVE EXecutives song inspired by a 13 years old girl battling with cancer. We played a song from their CD but listen to the show to know which one.

The Executives band was born as a side project from a couple of different bands the guys are in but has turned out to be a great band with awesome chemistry. The bad is Chris Parrish on bass (Typhus, Switched) , Paul Watson on drums (Typhus, Switched), John Owen on vocals (The Magnificent bastards) and Dan Zbytovsky on guitar (all of the above plus Dve Kytary.

I started hosting The Morning After Show many years ago when the original host Jeremy Baker left for Victoria BC for a gig at The Zone. Since then hundreds of bands have passed through the show playing LIVE! on CDs, on line. Mainly the bands are Canadian and most of them from Vancouver. But the show has played bands from every country in the world including Martinica, Bhutan, Bulgaria, Palestina, Afghanistan, and every Latin American country. Also the show plays tunes from different decades, and to top it off, almost every genre has paraded in the airwaves of The Morning After Show. Lots of these bands have had their world radio premiere in my show, I remember the tears of some of them when they heard their song being played to the masses. I have sent countless hordes of people to see shows through the tickets giveaway. Yes I make people’s dreams come true. That is why you have to support CiTR and the Morning After Show.

Because if you see all the shows throughout the station, they all offer something unique, different, outside of the lies of the Mainstream media.

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