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The Morning After Show: Your Future Favourite Song

9 January 2011 No Comment

The Morning After Show Podcast

Some say that God was born out of the ejaculation of another god, a being that was more god or “goder” than him. That was the Big Bang explained by some wako porno creationists. There are other wacos that believe the Earth is just like 20,000 or so years old and even Sarah Palin thinks humans interacted with dinosaurs. That just corroborates the theory of evolution and demonstrates that the human brain is not very evolved yet, but will it be enough time to perfection our computer inside our skulls? The believers of the “holy” book now are afraid because the birds fell from the sky and the fish died in the ocean. Apolcalyptic times my friends. Destruction. We started the show with garage pre punk band from 65, Los Saicos from Peru, actually the podcast starts with some Cuban music, Afrocubanism, but after we played bands from the 60s, Los Saicos with Detonacion El Cementerio y el entierro de los gatos 1965. Los Bravos with Rudi is in Love, Los Kifers with the sun is a drug and Los Destellos with Guajira Psicodelica. Crazy stuff.

We also played some of the best bands of 2010 from Vancouver according to this website. Like Animals Again that we found out they are no longer a band, Real Shark Fake Zombie with Angel lust, Fuzzcats with the song Emergency. Great bands.

We heard Karkwa who won the Polaris music awards, all the way from Montreal and finally get to plan a tour with their 20,000 dollar prize. Then we heard Tranzmitors also one of the best bands around Vancouver also like The Wizerdz that we played afterwards. I gave away tickets for the film Wilco> Ashes of American Flag. We put the Oh Wells that won Shindig. Then The Inhabitants and Fond of Tigers, some of the best experimental music. We played a lot of Canadians bands, SSRIs and Aunts and Uncles for example, Black Mountain, Henry and the Nightcrawlers, A fish called Pirahna etc. your future favourite song for sure.

I also played some Jonsi, the guy from Sigur Ros. Besnard Lakes from Montreal, Crystal Castles from Toronto, Stars from Montreal their new Cd is awesome, its called Five Ghosts, we listened to a couple of songs, Dead Hearts and Wasted daylight. We also put Kelley Stoltz with I remember you were wild, Zeus with How Does it fell? John Pippus with Shopping cart Joe.

and he finished the show with a Hungarian quartet, the Linda Kovacs quartet. As for God, we figured that if he invented us, then somebody must have invented him and his inventor was also created by a higher deity on so on and so forth to macrocosmic levels. You can get into a bad trip with this metaphysical questions. That is why we prefer to play this awesome music.

Really, we went though a lot of music in this two hours and a half journey. Listen to it. Enjoy. Discover your future favouriote song.

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