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Friday Sunrise – 03/04/11- Brave By Numbers

17 March 2011 No Comment

Friday Sunrise – 03/04/11- Brave By Numbers

Brave By Numbers live in studio with Mark Ferraby and Toronto Tracks with Jason Pawlett, this weeks tracks from Clothes Make The Man, The Mercy Now and William Fitzimmons  (Fun Fact!  This track is really from Jacksonville Illinois!!)

Brave By Numbers continue to create music that has a raw, energetic edge that pushes for more than is usually found in today’s radio-friendly poppy songs.

Redemption is always around the corner. Shout with us. Be forgiven. Be saved. Go home cleansed and stained.

“It’s gruff and heavy enough for the boys but also blessed with a melodic, post-break-up vulnerability that the ladies will find quite appealing. It’s what those in the biz might call ‘radio friendly’ but not in the icky, tailored-to-playlists manner.” (Ben Rayner, The Toronto Star)

William Fitzsimmons is equal parts songwriter and psychotherapist, creating captivating music, which uniquely melds depravity, honesty…

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