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Friday Sunrise – April 30, 2010

30 April 2010 One Comment

Whistler’s own Rachel Thom, winner of the IPOP festival chats with us in studio along with Parneet from Beacon Point Entertainment.

Also listen for a little Beach Boys and some Frank Sinatra. What’s Friday without the Beach Boys and Frank?

Rachel Thom

Having a fan club, touring the world, and winning a Grammy; well, not yet, but Rachel Thom is on her way to achieving all of those things. With two albums completed already, this is only the beginning for Rachel. She is not your average pop star. Ms Thom is unique, and it is because of her intriguing tone and ability to be an artist outside of the box, that has led music industry leaders to become captivated by her talent.

Being born into a musically inclined family can only help a young woman with a dream of fame; but the truth of the matter is- Rachel can stand on her own. Her voice and passion for sound is a gift, a gift she intends to continue to declare as a future. Charming and positive, Rachel Thom can work it in heels, but at the same time would rather be caught in jeans and a T. When she isn’t recording or writing, Rachel is probably hanging out with her yellow lab Lyric.
With her first performance at 5 yrs. old, it is not surprising that Rachel can command a stage. Her confidence and determination has only been the preface of success. It is rare to declare an artist an “intelligent rock star;” but when the shoe fits, it fits.

Music fans across the world better keep tuned in and get in the know to what respected writers and producers know already- Rachel Thom is a star, climbing the ladder of fame.

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