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Friday Sunrise – The Stolen Organ Family Band – 11/06/2010

11 June 2010 One Comment

The Stolen Organ family Band

The Stolen Organ family Band chat and perform live in studio.  these guys are awesome, a golden guitar and a suitcase for a drum  are all you need…

The Stolen Organ Family Band prays to The back of A LumBerjack’s hand Let me move through WOOD like SAND and I will SHAKE YOU GOOD The Stolen Organ Family Band. shakin’, understood? The baby Stolen Organs were born from the righteous pool of afterbirth rained down from a Shonavan corn shucked named Rusty when he whopped his tabby cat in a boxing match at the Great Barn Burner of ‘76. They always, always record at home and were once called the Bastard Sons of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. He was glad. Their freakish brand of distorted country psychedelia has somehow had them sharing a stage with touring sensations such as Mother Mother, Yo La Tengo, Adrian Orange and The Small Sins. The year 2009 saw the flourishing of their reputation as a beloved festival band, with invitations from Sled Island, THe Voodoo Music Experience and Littlefest, among others; as well as a national tour. Oh baby baby, you must love them right now, to remind the kids that Hank Williams was a real man, hipsters can’t be trusted, Abraxas is the only god and we are all it’s prophet.

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