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Oswaldo Perez Cabrera


Producer & Public Relations

Oswaldo Perez Cabrera is a Mexican journalist living in Vancouver. He founded Ediciones del Vórtice in Mexico City. His own articles, poetry and short stories have been published in a number of publications across México, Canada, Spain, Guatemala, Hungary, Russia among other countries. He was also the editor in chief for La Prensa Hispanoamericana for three years and the Director of the newspaper La Vanguardia de Vancouver for five. Oswaldo is also the creator of the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival. He is the author of El Libro de Don Muerto.

He currently hosts and produces The Morning After Show on CITR 101.9 FM every Tuesday at 11:30 and Radio Alicia and Yucastereo every Sunday at 90.1 FM CJSF Oswaldo has worked in radio for a number of years in México City and Vancouver, on such stations as Fairchild Radio, CFRO and CJSF. He also organizes many local music events including The Indie Pop Vancouver Series,  the Yucafest every Summer, an event that showcased some of the top bands in Mexico by bringing them to Vancouver, among other events. Oswaldo Perez Cabrera is a driving force within the Vancouver’s cultural scene, especially the Vancouver’s independent music scene.
 Oswaldo is an overseas correspondent for during his staying in Eastern Europe where he translated for Russia Today and wrote for Spanish magazines like Cañamo, La Fanzine, Viejo Blues. He is the North American correspondent for Canamo Magazine in Spain.


Whether it’s finding some killer underground club in the heart of Russia, dancing with killer Latvians, romancing Transilvania, discovering exciting new bands, meeting old legends, or setting up festivals or backyard event on the drive, with some of Mexico’s hottest groups, you just never know where he will pop up next. It’s a good thing he likes to write about it. Check out his rants.