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Devil in the Wood Shack EP Review ‘Everybody Row’

19 March 2014 One Comment

What do 2 best friends, 2 people living in 2 vans, and 2 sisters all have in common? Nothing; however put these 6 devils in a wood shack with a bottle of whiskey and you get musical gold no matter how dysfunctional they may get.


Oh Devil in the Wood Shack, am I ever glad that you finally have your EP out! Vancouver has been waiting for this gem for over a year now. Even though it seems like yesterday, it was on February 28th 2012 three of the now six Devils (Joshua Wood, Rory Troughton, and Wes Coderre) walked into an Open Mic hosted by VanMusic and blew the roof off Displace.

With Rory on drums and Josh and Wes on guitar and vocals the room exploded with fast beats, fun energy and a voice from Mr Woods of what I would describe as a soft smoky leather that resonates deep to your soul. Yes I knew I would love this gypsy punk – ish band.

Check out this rare raw video of that first night below

Over the last 2 years Vancouver has been privileged to experience the transformation of what they call The Devil in the Wood Shack. And why Devil in the Wood Shack? Well each one of them may have with their own answer, but I feel the answer may be found in a Grimms Fables novel.

In the beginning of 2013 three new members were brought in, Thalia on vocals, and her sibling Justine Marie on keys and Cello, Conrad on stand up bass and trumpet.

It took nearly a year for them to produce this EP and like a tree; this is the roots of the band and what was started with the 6 of them a year ago. With a slew of songs under their belt and many more still in the works, it’s this EP on which all their songs have come from and who this band is today.

Yes what a fun road it has been down with these 4 guys and 2 very sweet ladies. They have been playing a lot around Vancouver promoting their EP ‘everybody row’. To hear some of the rest of the songs, well you are going to have to just check them out live. Not to worry as you deserve this treat.

Like a cue ball showing its grill, its Devil in the Wood Shack.

Check out this video from EveryDayMusic below.

Devil in the Wood Shack – Everybody Row

  • You keep me running
  • Two whores
  • Greyhound blues
  • Tiger heart
  • Somewhere between dreams
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