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LAKES OF CANADA: Transgressions Acoustic.

7 December 2016 No Comment

LAKES OF CANADA: Transgressions Acoustic.
Acoustic Live Album and Documentary Based On Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

lakesofcanadaGospel-prog-rock group Lakes of Canada released a live acoustic version of their 2015 album Transgressions, along with a documentary, on October 25, 2016, followed by a tour in Quebec and Ontario. Transgressions Acoustic was produced and recorded by James Benjamin, live at Breakglass Studio in Montreal, and while Patrick Hodgson directed the documentary.

Lakes of Canada released their second album Transgressions in October 2015, inspired by Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale. Afterwards, Lakes of Canada decided to put together a special concert. They re-orchestrated the album to be performed in an acoustic concert, which required a complete overhaul of the
instrumentation, arrangement, and even structure of the album. The end result, performed live in Studio Breakglass in front of a packed but intimate crowd, was nothing short of magical.

Director Patrick Hodgson was present at the concert not only to film, and help dress the set, but also to interview the band and a handful of eager spectators. Near the one-year anniversary of the release of Transgressions, Lakes of Canada will screen and release Transgressions Acoustic at Divan Orange in their hometown of Montreal, Quebec on Tuesday, October 25, 2016.

All proceeds from the concert were donated to local women’s shelter Auberge Transition, in recognition of the book on which the album was based.

Transgressions Acoustic is musical fan fiction, written with heartbreaking familiarity, covering the life of the Handmaid through the rise and fall of Gilead, with themes of gender equality, mortality, loss, regret, survival, and the pursuit of peace.

Lakes of Canada is a five piece progressive rock group with gospel and soul vocal harmonies featuring: Jake Smith on lead vocals, guitar, and percussion; Sarah Morasse on vocals, keyboard, and organ; Conor O’Neil on drums, vocals, and synth; Tim Dobby on guitar, and percussion; and Caroline Cameron on vocals, bass, guitar, and percussion.


Transgressions Acclaim
“An epic rich in detail and passion, Lakes of Canada have a Canadian classic on their hands with Transgressions. 9/10″ – Exclaim!
“The songs stand on their own and some, like the final title track, deserve a permanent place in the Canadian songbook.” – CBC Music
“It’s a relatively trim 40 minutes of music, but covers a lot of ground, musically and emotionally.” – The Globe and Mail
“The music is energetically grandiose, with choral and orchestral folk-rock evoking the classical origins of the concept album in oratorios and orchestral tone poems.”
– The National Post
“It’s almost as if there’s a common, explicable, perceivable bond between dystopian literature and music made about a dreary fucked-up future. Maybe there is. Or maybe Lakes of Canada stumbled upon something big here.” -The Huffington Post

“A truly Canadian epic experience.” VanMusic

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