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[28 Oct 2014 | Comments Off on CiTR Shindig at The Hindenburg (Full schedule). | ]
CiTR Shindig at The Hindenburg (Full schedule).

For 31 years,some of the best bands in Vancouver have competed in this battle of the bands. Past participants includes the likes of The Organ, 3 Inches of Blood, You Say Party! We Say Die!, Japandroids and They Shoot Horses Don’t They?, The Pack AD, The Oh Wells, Wizerdz, Aunts and Uncles, Clockmakers, Humans, Hermetic, among others. Since launching in 1983 over 800 bands have played SHiNDiG, winning awesome prizes such as studio time, festival showcases and Discorder features.

CiTR radio continues to offer the freshest underground music in this annual competition that spans 13 weeks (from September to December) and over a thousand participants. Twenty-seven bands and musicians of all styles duke it out to grab one of three prize-winning top slots

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[9 Jan 2012 | 6 Comments | ]

Vancouver Indie bands rocked 2011.
2012 is already looking like an exciting year! But 2011 (though not as exciting as 2010) deserves a list of what I think are the best Vancouver bands of the year. Last year continued to show the world that the Indie Music Scene in Vancouver is thriving with amazing talent. So much so that VanMusic and CiTR could no longer ignore the demand to promote both emerging and established bands. We came together to start the Indie Pop Vancouver Series, a musical event that showcases acts …

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[3 Aug 2011 | One Comment | ]
Shindig Submissions close August 12th

Prizes include recording time from Hive Creative Labs, showcase spots with AMS Events, Canadian Music Week in Toronto, North By Northest in Toronto, CITR Thunderbird Radio Hell, Automatic acceptance to Music Waste 2010, radio exposure, articles on CiTR 101.9 FM’s Discorder Magazine, Van Music, Mint records among others. Scratch Records Band Merch Canada prize packages among other things. The contest takes place at The Railway every Tuesday and there are five judges per night, people related to the music industry.

You’ll need to send:

– A minimum 3 song demo of original material. CD/MP3/MySpace/Bandcamp/Whatever. Rough mixes absolutely OK. We’ll get the idea.
– Contact information (Email + Phone number).
– Bio, photos or other information are not required but we will look at them if you send them in

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[18 Jul 2011 | Comments Off on Aunts and Uncles | ]
Aunts and Uncles

The band has a unique sound and they are true warriors of the independent scene. Talented musicians that got together in March of 2009 as an acoustic experiment. They have played and play in groups like the SSRIs, Like Animals Again, The Barcelona Chair and Friends From School, also you can see them jamming with other musicians like Brasstonaut, Olenka and Sciences.Listen to the podcast so you can hear them experiment on AIR with their music and listen to their newest song playing on the radio for the first time.

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[13 Jun 2011 | Comments Off on Friday crazy night: Mushroom tea, Got a certificate of appreciation, Tyranahorse @ Cobalt, Tropidelica @ Waldorf | ]
Friday crazy night: Mushroom tea, Got a certificate of appreciation, Tyranahorse @ Cobalt, Tropidelica @ Waldorf

But before going anywhere, I stopped by a friend’s place for a visit where I was offered this ginger tea with mushrooms. I had to go to a magazine anniversary party, Tropidelica at the Waldorf and the release party of Tyranahorse at the Cobalt. When I hit Nanaimo street, two or three blocks later my head exploded. By the time I went to the celebration I was feeling disconnected from the world.

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[18 May 2011 | One Comment | ]
Tyranahorse LP release May 27 @ Cobalt

There is a new band in Vancouver East side and they play mean music with an attitude. But they are not really a punk band, they go beyond that. Their rhythm is catchy and loud, the guitars are piercing when they have to be and fuzzy when the song needs it, the drums precise and fast, the keyboards macabre and the vocals of Prophecy Sun are mysterious, eloquent and direct. They use a theramin which is a lovely sound for any band. You might have a new favourite band when you listen to Tennage girl or The Zombie Waltz which sounds more like a sick, demented blues that transforms into psychedelic madness.

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[9 Jan 2011 | Comments Off on The Morning After Show: Your Future Favourite Song | ]
The Morning After Show: Your Future Favourite Song

Some say that God was born out of the ejaculation of another god, a being that was more god or “goder” than him. That was the Big Bang explained by some wako porno creationists. There are other wacos that believe the Earth is just like 20,000 or so years old. That just corroborates the theory of evolution and demonstrates that the human brain is not very evolved yet, but will it be enough time to perfection our computer inside our skulls? The believers of the “holy” book now are afraid because the birds fell from the sky and the fish died in the ocean. Apolcalyptic times my friends. Destruction. We started the show with garage pre punk band from 65 We also played some of the best bands of 2010 from Vancouver according to this website.

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[30 Dec 2010 | Comments Off on Olenka and the Autumn Lovers | ]
Olenka and the Autumn Lovers

Olenka Krakus is Polish but has Vancouver ties, having lived and played here for a long time she left a lot of friends here. She was born in Poland but grew up in Canada. Now she resides in London Ontario but she played the Biltmore on a visit to Vancouver with a stellar line up that included members of Aunts and Uncles and Like Animals Again who also played the show. Olenka and the Autumn Lovers formed in early 2008. has a sound that mingles a strong Eastern European influence with elements of North American country and folk music. The band’s diverse instruments (cello, violin, accordion, trumpet, saxophone, lap steel, mandolin and glockenspiel) provide a unique musical backdrop to Olenka’s sophisticated, often narrative, form of songwriting. Influenced by her memories of Communist Poland and by the country’s folklore, Olenka investigates themes of social injustice and personal responsibility, populating her songs with melancholy outcasts from both Polish and Canadian landscapes.

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[11 Jun 2010 | Comments Off on Cafe Montmartre | ]


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[16 May 2010 | Comments Off on All Aboard At The Railway Club – Vids | ]
All Aboard At The Railway Club – Vids

Here are a few videos from the April 7th show at The Railway Club with Aunts And Uncles, Waltz Darling, Sunday’s Best and The Get Down.
We want to thank Jason Chatterton for bringing his camera and shooting this for us. And we’d like the thugs in Latvia who stole our camera from Oswaldo to stub their toes or get kicked really hard in the shins.

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[13 May 2010 | Comments Off on Biltmore Cabaret | ]


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[14 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on All Aboard At The Railway Club | ]
All Aboard At The Railway Club

On Wednesday April 7th VanMusic put on a show at The Railway Club here in Vancouver.
It was just over a year ago that we launched VanMusic and almost one year to the day when we threw our first event. Coincidentally when we arrived at The Railway there was a birthday in progress and we even arrived to cake. Sometimes the universe speaks in strange ways…
The Railway is a great venue, there’s something about seeing that train near the ceiling as it travels along the track. …

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[7 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on The Morning After Show March 30th | ]
The Morning After Show March 30th

We started the show with a band called Reverberation making a cover of the Silver Apples, Its all over now the name of the song
We heard to The Ruby Suns from new Zealand, playing in Vancouver next Friday.
Then we listened to Petroleum by Products from Vancouver, they have a new CD I think its first. Artificial Superficial is the name of the CD
You Say party we say Die! with the song Glory from their CD XXXX They are playing at the Ricshaw theatre

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[27 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on The Morning After show podcast | ]
The Morning After show podcast

Every Tuesday listen LIVE 101.9 FM CiTR for your favourite future song. This show Jay Beck played LIVE!

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[13 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on Aunts and Uncles play on the 18th | ]
Aunts and Uncles play on the 18th

Great concert happening at a great new venue at 121 Heatley in Strathcona in East Vancouver. on the 18th VanMusic will start participating in this exciting concept brought to Vancouver from Montreal by the Nir Blu and Jess Hart. These awesome artists will be joined by Vancouver’s favourites Aunts and Uncles.