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[7 Jan 2013 | 2 Comments | ]

 The Best 25 Indie Vancouver Bands (part 1)
(According to us in 2012)
Photo Tizoc Flores
Once again we want to expose the bands that we enjoyed and we think they rocked during this last year. We thought the world was going to end so we didn’t bother compiling the list on time as the VanMusic peeps threw themselves into debauchery. Once we realized that the world is still a harsh, cold (and in Vancouver a rainy) place, we decided to pay tribute to the hard working and talented musicians in our city. …

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[7 Sep 2012 | Comments Off on Exclusive Interview with Life Against Death | ]
Exclusive Interview with Life Against Death

Bio: Life Death is a DIY Vancouver band formed in 2004, bringing you the best of punk and metal in a blistering package of rage and thrash.

The current line up boasts the unique drumming of Scott Free, the blistering guitar work of Brett Roothless, Steve Huston the mad scientist on bass, and Twitchy Twitch’s vocal brigade of horror and doom. The four musically diverse players use their individual influences and backgrounds to create mayhem on the battlefield. With songs about passion, devastation and the future of the human race, Life Against Death will meet all of your darkest desires.

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[21 Mar 2012 | One Comment | ]
Exclusive Joyce Collingwood Interview and Podcast

Valentine Records and VanMusic Interview Joyce Collingwood!

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[9 Jan 2012 | 6 Comments | ]

Vancouver Indie bands rocked 2011.
2012 is already looking like an exciting year! But 2011 (though not as exciting as 2010) deserves a list of what I think are the best Vancouver bands of the year. Last year continued to show the world that the Indie Music Scene in Vancouver is thriving with amazing talent. So much so that VanMusic and CiTR could no longer ignore the demand to promote both emerging and established bands. We came together to start the Indie Pop Vancouver Series, a musical event that showcases acts …

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[1 Nov 2011 | Comments Off on Joyce Collingwood | ]
Joyce Collingwood

Joyce Collingwood was formed on April of 2009 in Vancouver, B.C by five girls with the goal of making raw, unpretentious punk. “What kind of music did we want to play together?”, we asked each other. Fast music. Short songs. Punk. Metal. Like the magic of music does, it happened almost instantaneously. The band member’s musical influences range from thrash metal to cumbia. This mix of styles has been an asset when it comes to songwriting and everybody participates in writing and arranging music.

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[14 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on Joyce Collingwood CD release party at The Waldorf | ]
Joyce Collingwood CD release party at The Waldorf

Heavy Cream and Joyce Collingwood both filled the room with their raucous energy and stadium sound. Seriously, both of these bands sound huge and I swear I saw paint melting from the walls due to the energy they brought.

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[17 Aug 2011 | Comments Off on metalmess I | ]
metalmess I

Vancouver bands Ahna and Joyce Collingwood are really excited to host the amazing Calgary band Mares of Thrace at the first annual Metalmess festival. Saturday, August 27 at 8:00pm – August 28 at 2:00am

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[18 Apr 2011 | One Comment | ]
Sex With Strangers and friends heated the Biltmore

This party was a wild one. Its always nice when you get to see your friends showcase their talent in a gig. I knew the show was going to be mad when I saw Sex With Strangers sharing the bill with Joyce Collingwood and Run with the Heard. In addition Guilty about Girls was spinning pretty cool dancing tunes. All of the Vanmusic crew was there partying with a lot of familiar faces. The crowd was already fired up when Sex With Strangers took the stage, plus they had time to drink their booze.

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[28 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on New Sex With Strangers is out…Have it April 14 | ]
New Sex With Strangers is out…Have it April 14

The saga continues in the near future of the Pacific Northwest, THE NEW FRONTIER. Sex with Strangers explores love and war with their new production, now 7 years after the final explosion an inevitable clash between The Futurists and the New Pioneers is quickly approaching. No, It is not Asimov’s Sci-fi, it is a conceptual CD about a love story that takes place after our time. But it left me wondering where are the robots? Luring behind the walls of the losts cities? Or maybe, just maybe “The new pioneers” are not what they say they are or supposed to be. The answer might be inside the lyrics of the new SWS production.

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[25 Feb 2011 | Comments Off on Thrursday night with Joyce Collingwood | ]
Thrursday night with Joyce Collingwood

We got there armed with a six pack and video cameras. The girls were about to start playing Their songs are short and powerful, punk rrrriot grrrls style. Two guitars a bass and drums plus the singer conforms this quintet of girls.
Listen to the podcast of Thunderbird Radio Hell with Joyce Collingwood here

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[4 Feb 2011 | Comments Off on Screw Cupid! A Night of Beer, Bands & Burlesque! | ]
Screw Cupid! A Night of Beer, Bands & Burlesque!

On Saturday, February 12 at Cambrian Hall (215 East 17th ave @ Main)

Come one, come all to a fine evening of live music, burlesque performances and beverages!

…And did we mention $4 drinks?!

Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door.
Doors at 9, show at 10!
Advance tickets can be picked up at Nuba Cafe on Main Street (146 East 3rd ave)

**ALL proceeds from this event go to benefit PACE Society Vancouver, a DTES non-profit organization providing support, advocacy and education for survival sex workers**

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[2 Jan 2011 | 5 Comments | ]
The best 20 Vancouver indie bands of 2010 part I

This post of the BEST indie bands in Vancouver will be divided in two, in this first one we are going to explore the indie of the indie, bands that are emerging, new, fresh, experimental, not so well known, not established, they play in clubs and pubs but that we and our readers like and see and even befriend some of them. Some are not that new either but all of them have achieved success and buzz this last year so we include them here in our humble lists of our favourites. May this list serve as a recommendation for our overseas readers, may it serve as a reference, but also as an aid for these struggling artists. At the end, the ultimate objective is to entertain our visitors, the music fans of Vancouver and the world

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[22 Dec 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
The Morning After Show Anti Christmas show with Jeff Beck

we had an anti christmas show today because we are against consumerism, don’t buy love this Christmas and if you do, support local businesses, avoid corporations and malls, support social causes, don’t make the rich richer, help the poor. Don’t think that Jesus is coming to save you, we need to save ourselves. So that being said we played some cover songs by artists like Leonard Cohen, Stevie Wonder and also the atheist song by XTC Dear God, a classic. We also played some Brown Christmas by El Vez, the Mexican Elvis Presley. More weird music, we have some phsychedelic music from Turkey, Bolivia, and Peru from the 60s and 70s. Awesome. We also had Jay Beck as a special guest. Jay is a multi/instrumentalist from Vancouver who has played in different bands, he played a couple of LIVE songs. Catch him playing on the 30th at Nyalas on Main street.

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[29 Nov 2010 | Comments Off on Twitch – In Fashion | ]
Twitch – In Fashion

She has her own line called Twitch – IN FASHION that she creates and sells out of her studio downtown
Twitch (Center) with models wearing her designs
Most people know my good friend and band mate Twitch as the amazingly skilled and insanely good guitar player of Joyce Collingwood, but what a lot of people don’t know is that this creatively talented creature is also a fashion designer.  She has her own line called Twitch – IN FASHION that she creates and sells out of her studio downtown.  …

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[27 Nov 2010 | One Comment | ]
The Waldorf Reopens

The Waldorf is a creative hub in the heart of East Vancouver where contemporary art, music, food and culture convene under one roof. The programming for the space will be both artistically expansive and thematically inclusive. The Waldorf Hotel, designed in 1947 by architects Mercer & Mercer, was remarkable from the beginning for its modernist style. In 1955, capitalizing on an emerging interest in Polynesian culture, the complex was transformed into one of North America’s most renowned “tiki” themed bars and hotels