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[17 May 2017 | Comments Off on Yucafest featuring Out of Control Army from Mexico at The Fairview Pub June 15th. | ]
Yucafest featuring Out of Control Army from Mexico at The Fairview Pub June 15th.

Super Chido Productions, Yucastereo Radio, VanMusic, Radio Alicia and One Love Westcoast Festival presents YUCAFEST at the Fairview on June 15th. Out of Control Army from Mexico with Bone Daddies, Cawama, Caracas the band and special appearance by Kyle Fury and friends.

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[2 Apr 2017 | Comments Off on Spirit Unforgettable: Documentary about John Mann and the Spirit of the West | ]
Spirit Unforgettable: Documentary about John Mann and the Spirit of the West

The Vancouver International Film Festival presented the documentary by Pete McCormack.
By Oswaldo Perez Cabrera.
Spirit Unforgettable won the award for Most Popular Canadian Documentary (based on audience balloting).
The film is as local as it can get. The documentary is dramatic and powerful and will leave a tear in your eye. The music is an auditory photograph for the people who were around in BC and Canada in general in the eighties and nineties and even at the beginning of the century. I am sure that some of you reading these lines are even in the documentary, or saw something in it as it happened in real life with your own eyes and in full colour. This documentary also hits hard to our community because the subject, John Mann, is a friend or a neighbour; a familiar figure for most of us, one of Vancouver greatest icons and a great guy.

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[2 Jan 2017 | Comments Off on Best Vancouver Bands of 2016 Part Two. | ]
Best Vancouver Bands of 2016 Part Two.

We are back with the second installment of the best bands of Vancouver in 2016. This year, 2017 will be challenging for many new bands who will have to go back to playing basements (due to lack of live music venues and exposure). Hopefully some will see the light and these bands that we showcase here will continue to share their talents. In this second part you will find an eclectic mix as well, reggae, hard rock, punk blues, Latin, Ska and more.
The bands are in alphabetical order.

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[30 Dec 2016 | Comments Off on The Best Vancouver Bands of 2016 Part 1 | ]
The Best Vancouver Bands of 2016 Part 1

Vancouver’s best bands are always here on
By Oswaldo Perez Cabrera with Raechel Norrgard and Jordan Grey.
We have been involved in one capacity or another with the Vancouver music scene for over 10 years now. This list of Vancouver bands is a representation of our musical culture that nurtures from different cultures, especially  Latin American. The list was based on merits like releases, tours, recommendations from readers and listeners of The Morning After Show on CiTR and Radio Alicia and Yucastereo on CJSF, and of course my taste in music. …

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[1 Dec 2016 | 2 Comments | ]
Exclusive interview with Hemp oil activist Rick Simpson.

Mexican-Canadian journalist Oswaldo Perez Cabrera met the Canadian activist Rick Simpson in Zagreb, Croatia for a talk about hemp oil. Rick claims the oil cures cancer, MS and other illnesses. There are dozens of cases that prove his claims; from terminal cancer cases with days to live to MS patients that now can function without symptoms. The oil also works wonders for diabetes, inflammation, lacerations, PAIN and other conditions. Check out the interview and his strong opinions about the medical system, the Canadian government, and the fraud the pharmaceuticals are pulling on us. Videographer and transcript Raechel Norrgard.

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[24 Nov 2016 | Comments Off on Vancouver International Film Festival: We Are X a film by Stephen Kijak about X Japan. | ]
Vancouver International Film Festival: We Are X a film by Stephen Kijak about X Japan.

By Oswaldo Perez Cabrera.
During the first 20 minutes of the film I kept wondering if X Japan was a real band or a cinematic, well written drama film. Soon we found out we were watching a rockumentary and X Japan are very much a real experience and not only that, they are one of the biggest bands in the world. Chances are, you might have heard about X Japan, after all they have over 30 million copies sold worldwide. This film tells their story. A story of loss, victories, glamour and a lot of rock and roll.

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[20 Oct 2016 | Comments Off on Interrupters, Bad Cop Bad Cop and Brass Action at the Rickshaw Oct 12th. | ]
Interrupters, Bad Cop Bad Cop and Brass Action at the Rickshaw Oct 12th.

Photo Album of Interrupters, Bad Cop Bad Cop and Brass Action at the Rickshaw
Photos by John Prentice.
VanMusic was present at this incredible show of ska punk at the Rickshaw theatre Wednesday October 12th.

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[26 Jul 2016 | Comments Off on The Vancouver Folk Festival had yet another successful year | ]
The Vancouver Folk Festival had yet another successful year

The best beach party in the city: The Vancouver Folk Festival.
By Oswaldo Perez Cabrera.
One of our favourite festivals in the world had an amazing weekend bringing a myriad of international and local talent to one of the most beautiful beaches in the city: Jericho beach. The location is not as urbanized as downtown so you can roam between trees. The festival goers are some of the cleanest, most polite and fun loving crowds I have seen around. There is never violence or overdoses like some electronic festivals. There aren’t piles …

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[20 Jul 2016 | Comments Off on Cannabis Hemp Conference 2016 in Vancouver draws a crowd. | ]

The Cannabis Hemp Conference brought great speakers from outside of Canada in the medicinal field.
By Oswaldo Perez Cabrera.
The conference took place July 9th and 10th at Westin Bayshore in Coal Harbour Vancouver. 
This was the second year the conference took place, as well they did a previous one which included a wider spectrum of medicinal plants. This year the focus was Cannabis. “We wanted to focus on cannabis this year because there are so many uses for the plant medicinal, industrial, for fuel, clothes, food etc.” says Salimeh, one of the organizers to the …

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[23 Mar 2016 | Comments Off on Cabaret Maldito at Circo de los Horrores in Barcelona. | ]
Cabaret Maldito at Circo de los Horrores in Barcelona.

Circus meet concert meets burlesque delivers a unique spectacle in one of the most beautiful cities, Barcelona. Jaw dropping!

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[18 Feb 2016 | Comments Off on Exclusive interview with Slovenian activist Bozidar Radisic. | ]

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[7 Jan 2016 | 3 Comments | ]
The Best 15 Vancouver Independent Bands of 2015!

The Best Vancouver Bands of 2015 according to what we saw!
As every year, VanMusic puts out a small list of the best Vancouver independent bands that are conquering the world and our city. Some of the bands here were on our list last year, some are not, but all are good. Some will be on next year as they will be releasing albums soon. So check out bands like Combine the Victorious, Devil in the Woodshack, Good for Grapes, Tyrannahorse, You Say Party! among others.
The once thriving scene in Vancouver …

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[1 Jan 2016 | Comments Off on Anton Cobijn: A Retrospective at Amerika haus Berlin. | ]
Anton Cobijn: A Retrospective at Amerika haus Berlin.

Anton Cobijn: A Retrospective of his work at Amerika haus Berlin.
By Oswaldo Perez Cabrera and Raechel Norrgard.
Berlin 2015-2016. Amerika Haus near Zoologischer Garten Station in the Charlottenburg district, adjacent to the Berlin Zoo.
Cobijn, as we used to call him when we were teenagers discovering the world of music, was born in the Netherlands in the island town of Strijen. The isolation of his birthplace resulted in an inherent lonliness in his photos; few of them have more than one character. His subjects seem to be longing for something, striving away from …

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[31 Dec 2015 | Comments Off on Rijkmuseum museum in Amsterdam | ]
Rijkmuseum museum in Amsterdam

One of the most important museums in the world is the Rijkmuseum, situated in the Museumplein in central Amsterdam. The majestic construction is the gateway to other museums in the area like the Van Gogh museum. The Rijkmuseum is one of my favourites in the world because of its beauty and the well organized exhibitions which allows visitors to jump from one exhibition to the other with ease. You can jump from a Rembrandt to a Vermeer to a Goya without getting lost in a maze.
The Rijkmuseum was founded in 1800 in The Hague but moved to Amsterdam in 1808. The current main building was designed by Pierre Cuypers and first opened its doors in 1885. It was constructed with a tunnel through it to allow the passage of cyclists and pedestrians alike; it also functions as a gateway into the central Museumplein plaza which is encircled by other buildings dedicated to displaying the art of Holland, like the Van Gogh Museum. Here, you will find works of art of immeasurable value on all sides. Their total collection of 1 million objects from the years 1200–2000.

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[16 Sep 2015 | Comments Off on No Land’s Song: Iranian documentary hits VIFF. | ]
No Land’s Song: Iranian documentary hits VIFF.

This documentary tells a couple of stories: the fight for women’s’ voices to be heard in Persian society, and the protest of the ban on female soloists; it also tells the tale of a cultural bridge between Europe (France and Germany) with Iran, a bridge built by music, musicians and cultural promoters. The documentary is in itself an act of defiance portraying another act of defiance as we see the many hurdles Sara and Ayat Najafi have to go through to present a concert with female soloists. The documentary also records audio (I assume without permission) from the officials (Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance) who are denying the permits.