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Inspiration still carries on 11 years later..

6 November 2009 No Comment

In 1998 my sister Lindsay walked almost 1,400 kilometers

Lindsay from the Northern East tip of Scotland (John O’Groats) to the south part of England (Land’s End) in 58 days to help raise awareness for Alzheimer disease. Having lived in Scotland for 4 years she saw our Grandfather suffer from the disease. Her goal was to raise money and awareness for a disease that currently has no real known cause or cure. Apparently in Scotland you are not allowed to ask for money so the only indication anyone had as to what she was doing was a sign pinned to her back. People would have to approach her and that’s how donations were made. In total Lindsay collected 1 400 pounds or $3000 (reminder that was back then in Canadian dollars)on her own but few may have donated directly to Alzheimer’s groups.

Her travels brought both positive and negative experiences

but it was the negative experiences that Lindsay found new strengths in herself. Extreme blisters, being soaked and cold to the bone (remember this is Britain!), relying on the help of strangers, and overcoming times of loneliness is what helped make the journey a great one… as strange as that might sound.

Lindsay always wanted to make the famous trek and to do something exceptional. Her persistence to accomplish her dream is truly inspirational. What is your dream? What is something that you have always wanted to do but just haven’t gotten around to doing? Making Vanmusic the best independent music production company in Canada and perhaps the world is my dream. Like my sister I intend to make that a reality.

At Vanmusic we intend on helping independent Canadian and International artists launch their musical careers by featuring them on the website, the radio station CiTR and our own Vanmusic shows. This is a great way to promote and help artists before they hit the mainstream. Vanmusic has personality and charisma that you will not find at any other independent music production company in Vancouver. Its a great benefit for artists to start a working and personal relationship with us because hands down we are not assholes just looking to make a quick buck. We are music lovers who see the great potential out there and want to be apart of bringing it to the masses. We can do it as we are growing with each passing day, making contacts both locally and internationally, we also have the drive for success and the energy to make it happen. Like Lindsay its something that I have to do. I believe strongly in this project and have made it my life. Let me know what you have always wanted to do but felt it was just a dream that would never come to fruition. Maybe together we can make the dream a reality….sorry if this got a little Oprahish….I’m just having a good day..and I hope you are too!! Later Skaters….

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