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A Call to the Calgary Music Scene

4 October 2012 No Comment

Only You Can Support Local Music

I was in Calgary in late September and was looking forward to checking out a few shows in Calgary of the local music scene. I was disappointed on what I saw, or did not see. I talked to a bunch of people looking for the place to go to check out some local bands. I was given a lot of sad stories on where this scene was or lack of it.

VanMusic works with many bands that were from Calgary but are now in Vancouver working on the scene there. When questioning these bands it always comes to the same answers, there is no support in Calgary nor does anyone really care if there is one that is living there. Now of course people care but seeing since there is such a lack of interest, many bands leave the city to go play where there is an interest.

VanMusic has always been proud to support Vancouver, but we have always shown interest in the rest of Canada and any Independent Arts Scene, however, since I am from Calgary myself, I want to start to show Calgary and the rest of Canada that there a scene there.

I am calling on anyone that wants to help VanMusic show this. I am looking for Calgary bands, writers, fans or anyone wanting to help with this movement. We want so badly to help, however we need your help to get there. If you know a band that is in Calgary, let me know, I want to help profile them on our site. If you went to a show, review it for us. We want to get these bands known now so that we can get them on tour and giving them the support that they really need.

Email Jordan at to help start this movement in Calgary! But lets not stop there, I want to profile all of Canada so if you are reading this and just went to a killer show, review it and email me, please send JPegs with the email.

Any details that you need email me and find out.

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