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Jodi Doidge’s EP ‘Little Love Songs’ Review

26 January 2012 No Comment

Jodi Doidge’s EP ‘Little Love Songs’ Review

This is Jodi’s first EP Release and she is excited about it, and she should be. This 5 song masterpiece is perfect for the country or folk lover inside of all of you. Jodi has put together a EP that not only tells a story, but every song has an album waiting for it to tell its true story. Yes from the moment I listened to this CD I know I will be listening to it for years to come.

I was able to sit down with Jodi on a Tuesday night at VanMusic’s Open Mic at Displace Hashery  in Kits. There she began to tell me how this work of art (in more ways then one) was created. Even though it took 1 year to make, 10 years to create and a whole life time to prepare for, Jodi has put her heart and soul into this. She wishes that she could just give it to everyone for free just so they can enjoy her contribution to the world.

Jodi cares about this project and anyone who talks to her starts to understand just what this means to her. Often times on Facebook you will see her update her status letting everyone know where she will be that night and if you come and say hi to her, she will give you a copy. Yes Jodi never made this EP to make millions, she made it for everyone to enjoy.

Jodi is a huge fan of Jenn Grant and follows her on Facebook. One day she noticed that Grant posted a message about doing artwork, so Jodi emailed her right away and asked her about doing a painting for the album cover. She agreed to do something on commission and basically it took off from there. Jodi emailed her some ideas she had and Jenn came up with the rest. The painting is on her wall at home in front of her computer work space. Jodi’s friend Terry took some high res photos of it and together they created the layout.

Jodi recorded Little Love Songs back in February of 2011 but needed to raise the money for her CD. She went on IndieGoGo and raised the money in a month. Even a band in Germany found her and donated $50! After listening to little Love Songs you will truly understand why so many supported this EP being made.

Little Love Songs

1. Let Me In

2. Drummer In  A Band

3. Hallow Heart

4. Look At Us

5. Little Love Songs

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