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Joe Turner’s ‘Seven Songs of Sorrow’ Review

1 September 2012 No Comment

Seven Songs of Sorrow

By: Jordan Grey

I met Joe turner at VanMusic’s Open Mic on a Tuesday Night at Displace Hashery in Kits. He came in with his biker jacket and long beard and ponytail carrying his guitar. At first glance you can see that he is a real heavy metal fan. I was expecting that when he went on stage, to be a lot of head banging with a beat to go with it, boy was I wrong!

Listening to Turners CD you could tell that this guy has had his heart broken, and badly. Yes, after ending a 10 year marriage, Joe was a shell of a man. These songs came out of him so fast afterward and he arranged them in a perfect order to tell a story that only a broken heart can.

Yes Joe Turner’s CD title “Seven Songs of Sorrow” is the perfect story to a horrific ending.  The journey Joe brings you on starts off with what you would expect just coming out of a break up that you did not see coming. Yes something happened that Turner did not see coming, maybe she found someone else, lost feelings for him or just simply did something to purposely tear his heart out of his chest. Regardless, Turner took this story as a recipe to write one amazing CD.

I had to ask, as his girlfriend Jill attends all of his shows, how she feels about the success of his music about him singing about very strong feelings towards another woman. “She hasn’t said anything” Joe says, but seeing as she does attend every show of his, you can see Jill supports him 100%, in fact, it was her who pushed Turner back into performing music after 10 years.

Seven Songs of Sorrow took 8 months to record and was released in January 2012 after all the setbacks and problems that come along with recording an album. After recording in a home studio in Langley in a room about the size of a big walk-in closet, they remixed and edited it at Vogville in Poco.

This album is truly a gem and a must have for any music lover. Check out the phone interview below!

Chameleon, a song from Langley musician Joe Turner has been chosen as one of the 15 tracks for the July 2012 Atlanta Georgia based music magazine Indie Music Reviewer.

Follow the link below for a free download of Chameleon as well as 14 other tracks from 14 great artists…IT’S FREE!!!!

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