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Leonard Cohen Album Review ‘Old Ideas’

12 February 2012 No Comment

‘Old Ideas’ By Leonard Cohen!

When I was asked to review Leonard Cohen’s new CD I was overjoyed! I have always been influenced by Leonard and was looking forward to his album release “Old Ideas” before even being given the honor of reviewing it.

One of the things that I like about listening to a new album is rushing through the first time and quickly listening to all the songs and then sit back and really take in the music the second time. With ‘Old Ideas’ its really hard to rush through it for the first time as Cohen’s first song is nearly 8 minutes long and it sets the mood perfectly for the rest of the album. In fact, ‘Amen’ reminds me of a Part 2 to Leonard’s 1984 classic ‘Hallelujah’!

From the first note all I could do was sit back and take it all in. There is something about Leonard’s voice that just relaxes you and he has 10 songs on this album doing just that. Throwing in ‘Old Ideas’ after a long days work is the perfect remedy to shake those working blues.

Even though all songs are great, I especially like ‘Different Sides’ as anytime I listen to it, it sounds like I’m listening to a Quentin Tarantino sound track. In fact this whole album would make a great sound track for a movie.

This 10 song album is a great add to any Leonard Cohen library continues to show that he will always be a strong presents in the past and future. Yes listening to this album you can tell that there are going to be classics that we will hear in the futureĀ  and a few songs that I’m sure will be often imitated but never duplicated.


By Jordan Grey

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