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Mark Fossen’s Album Review ‘Villains’

21 February 2012 No Comment

I was able to sit down with Singer/Songwriter Mark Fossen and talk about his new EP ‘Villains’.

The night was full of laughs and great times over live music. Yes being around live music is always the best way for people to get along. Fossen understands this as you can find him on Granville Island busking the day away.

Mark is a very talented artist and he works full time doing what he is so good at doing, writing and singing music. Yes sitting down with Mark was a truly amazing experience. Mark has a way when talking to you, and he has some great stories about some of his busking situations.

Back in November 2010, Fossen had been busking all day and did not make a single dime. So as Mark is playing his last song a pigeon comes along, Fossen started to sing and talk to the bird. Just then this pigeon jumps into his guitar case and takes a shit. Mark went home upset about the day, but realized that this is what he loved to do and that’s when he decided that this is what he wanted to do full time. Check out Mark’s blog to read the whole story here.

That pigeon also inspired the cover art as it is a fence with 6 pigeons propped on top of it. Maybe each bird is for each song on this masterpiece. Mark was walking along one day and saw this and decided to take a picture as this was a perfect story for the album art. Yes this whole CD has Fossen all over it with everything telling a story in its own right.

When I asked how he put this album together you could tell that these songs were on his first CD for a reason. When busking you are always playing other music, the classics with the Top 40, but between those songs you get to play your music and see what people think. For the first song on the album “This Minute Hand”, this was the first song that people first started to stop and listen to, so fittingly this is the first song on the EP.

The last song on the album “This Is How” came to him in a dream, a dream where everyone was in song with each other, there was no talking just singing to each other in harmony. Yes a nice message to leave with, a positive one.

All in all, there were 6 other artists that collaborated with Mark on this EP. The elements that bring this all together are simply amazing and something you need to check out for yourself. Excitingly, Mark Fossen will be releasing another CD in late 2012 and I am very excited about hearing it, but till then I will be listening to ‘Villians’ and checking out a few busking shows on Granville Island this summer.

For more on his upcoming shows and his busking tour of Europe dates, check out Mark Fossen’s website here and check him out on Facebook here!

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