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SHOREfest 2012 Review

12 August 2012 No Comment

SHOREfest 2012 was a Major Success with an Explosion of Entertainment

By Jordan Grey


SHOREfest and Honda Celebration of Light had an amazing line up of entertainment for the whole family. I was invited as a media guest to attend the concerts and go where I needed to go to get the content that I am looking for. The shows that I was able to attend on both August 1st and 4th were simply amazing! The artists and talented bands that I witnessed were: The Trews, Jets Overhead, Said The Whale, The Be Good Tanyas, Great Lake Swimmers, Joel Plaskett, Ache Brasil and Dustin Bentall with Kendel Carson. Yes, seeing the acts live was so cool and I am upset that I was not able to attend the other amazing guests that I missed on all 3 nights of the festivities.

Check out the reviews of the bands and artists that I was able to attend below. There is no order really, just a list of amazing acts…

The Trews

I was so excited to see The Trews. I watched them a couple of years ago and loved what I saw. Since then, I have been following what they have been doing and enjoying what I have been hearing. Getting invited to be at the VIP party right beside them looking over English Bay while tens of thousands of on lookers look up and dance was the highlight of my coverage. It was a party I just had to be at. I have to say, the festival was awesome, as the sun started to set over the horizon and the stage lights started to transform the artists to amazing works of art.

The Trews sang hits like Highway of Heroes and Paranoid Freak as VIP guests sat on the stage and took their photos with the band as they played. I even got caught up in the hype and gave a fan my camera to capture myself on this magical evening.

Check out all the pictures here.


Jets Overhead

Opening up for The Trews was Jets Overhead. I’ve seen Jets Overhead for the first time at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and just loved the music that they possessed.

Since then, I have interacted with them a few times but this was the only other chance I had gotten to see them again live in Vancouver. I was able to stand with them right before they went on stage, I wanted to say something but I could see that they were very focused on the performance they where about to unleash.

Check out all the pictures here.



The Be Good Tanyas

The Be Good Tanyas were an act that I have been dying to see live again. I got to see them live at The Burnaby Blues Festival about 10 years ago and was so disappointed to see them go their own ways. However, after a year of separation, here I got to see them live again. I am a bit bias with this band as I dated Trish Klein’s sister and hang out with Trish on multiple occasions.¬† That is another story and I will not go into all the details, however she is a wonderful person and am always excited to see her achieve her goals.

After the show I was backstage with the band and was able to chat with them briefly, in fact Frazey Ford did a plug for, thanks again for that.

Check out all the pictures here.


Said The Whale

Said The Whale are picking up steam. They were cool like always. Just like on the Wednesday before, there were a lot of hard core fans right beside the stage loving the experience. Said The Whale loved the fans as well and would come off stage for pics with their followers. I ran into one fan that follows this group big time and knows all the little details of the band. I took some pics for her with the band and she has emailed me looking for all pics I took that night with the videos. You know who you are and hope you like this post, the pics and videos are on the way.


Great Lake Swimmers

I was excited to see these guys from Toronto, I was not familiar with them but did some reading up on them on the way out the door. Their music is the perfect setting for coming home and relaxing, or a date with music in the background. I got to see them with the crowd sitting and sharing the energy that was surrounding everyone and got to be with them before they hit the stage. After at the backstage as they were making dinner plans, radio personality and VanMusic’s own Oswaldo Perez Cabrera and I managed to do a beach front interview with the leader of the band Tony Dekker.

Joel Plaskett

I caught the last 2 songs of Joel, he was playing with his father and we were backstage congratulating them as they came off stage. Plaskett has played the local circuit for many years and I know lots of bands that have played shows with him. He generally plays with his band but he wanted to do a solo show with his father for this festival. At the time we where waiting for Tony Dekker from Great Lake Swimmers to do an interview we starting talking to Joel. We asked if we minded interviewing and he was happy to do so. So right there backstage Oswaldo Perez Cabrera interviews Joel Plaskett with Joel plugging at the end of it, thanks Joel.

Afterward there was a warm reception for Plaskett as fans who bought his CD lined up waiting to meet Joel and get him to sign their album. Plaskett was more than happy to meet his fans and took as much time as they needed to personally get to know each other.


Ache Brasil

This group was amazing! I had so much fun watching these guys. The crowd went crazy and soon the front stage was packed full of happy dancers. The set was full of great music, beautiful dancers and many custom changes. I will definitely see this group again and highly recommend all of you to check them out as well, you will dance you ass off. In the middle of their set, they introduced the crowd to Capoeira which is a Brazilian martial art that combines dance with fighting, really cool. Make sure you check the video below for a taste of what to expect from this cool dance style.

Dustin Bentall and Kendel Carson

This was the first act that I got to see on August 1st and it was a good one. I’ve see Dustin before and always respect his work, however I have never seen Kendel before. She is a fiddle player and a fine one at that. These 2 work great together and can easily adapt with each other. During their set, Bentall started a song that was not on the bill, Carson played right through it not missing a note. The only way we knew this was because Dustin gave big props to Kendel as a fiddle player and explained what just happened. I hope that they stay together as they make the perfect 2 piece.


Like I said before, this years SHOREfest was so much fun and oh yeah there were fireworks. Keep checking back for more exclusive photos of the events. I would like to thank Collette, Almira, Kate and Lindsay from  Jive Communications for inviting me to this event and am looking forward to next year!

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