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Stolen Organ Family Band Podcast

26 February 2012 No Comment

Valentine Records and VanMusic sit down with The Family Stolen Organ Band.

By Jordan Grey

Doing podcasts outside of a studio can lead you on some pretty interesting adventures, and this one has adventure all over it. Dan Jury from Valentine Records asked me to set up this interview and join him while recording. I was stoked as podcasting with Valentine Records was always a lot of fun.

So after some emailing and a few follow up messages the date was set and Dan and I were on our way, well almost, Dan has never been to my place as we always meet at the office or venue we are working at. Well he calls me and tells me he is parked out side beside the school. There are 2 roads beside the school, a road and a highway, well Dan decided the highway was the best place to park. As I’m about to call him to find out what car is his, I see this SUV parked covering half the lane and motorists are pissed, honking and yelling for him to drive, I quickly run over and jump in to keep the traffic moving.

So yes we are on our way and thanks to GPS we arrive at the house where Conor, Kelly and Bella live, 3 of the 5 bandmates. Well this house we come to is massive as we go to the first door and knock, there is no answer and we can see that we are not at the main door. So now we ring the bell and some guy answers and asks if we are Larry, no we reply we are looking for Conor. Around the side is the answer. So off we go to looking for mystery door #3.

Two more doors later we see someone walking, we ask once again if he knows where Conor is and he tells us to follow him. So now we are following some guy in a very dark area on this track, well it did not take long till we saw the lights, the lights as we soon found out was the beginning stages of a epic house party.

Dan and I are sitting there not really knowing that there is a full on party unfolding, we are sitting outside freezing and seeing all these guests coming and joining us. After close to an hour of sitting there chatting with everyone I lean over to Conor and ask if he is still wanting to do the Podcast or if we should reschedule to a better time (when doing a Podcast, you want as little background noise as you can get)?

Conor tells me that today is fine and lets smoke a joint first and we can go inside and find a empty room to record in. So now we are nice and ready to head inside. Once we got inside we see this Golden Axe arcade game. Well Dan is now in his glory and starts playing this game with both Shaun and Kelly.

Needless to say, the interview was schedule for 7ish which really turned out to be closer to 10ish and we both stayed afterwards to party the night away. Yes here is the Podcast from the entire band with Dan and myself.

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