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The Reckoners | The Cory Woodward Band | Redgy Blackout Show Review

17 December 2011 2 Comments

A fun show involving 3 kick ass bands!

Ricardo Khayatte from The Reckoners invited myself as their guest to the show on Decemeber 14th 2011. Now being a guy from Cowtown I was ready for some good old country music. Yes I was excited to finally see The Reckoners live at The Biltmore.  VanMusic has helped promote The Reckoners in the past but was I not able to attend any of their events till now. As a added bonus to the night there was a kick ass bill lined up, followed by The Reckoners was Cory Woodward and closing the night was Redgy Blackout.

The Reckoners

The Reckoners are one of those country/folk bands that once you see them live, you will have to pick up their EP for the cabin or for any family BBQ. They are a very personal band on stage as co singer Christina Simpson really enjoys talking and interacting with the crowd. Tonight Christina explained to us that she promised Ricardo Khayatta, lead vocals and guitar, that she would not talk so much between songs because Ricardo wanted to pack in as many songs that they could during their time slot.

One of the things that are great about country is most songs are intended to be sang harmoniously with both male and female vocals, which is perfect for The Reckoners as both Ricardo and Christina’s vocals work so well with each other that when not watching the stage, they often sound like one. Everything they played  was a pleasure to listen to, some of my favorites were the 3rd song on their set ” I Won’t Fall Down”, as well as “When The Chips Fall” and “Heart Breaker”.

Something that is always exciting to see is when someone makes a special appearance during a show, tonight Derek Kehler from Steel Audrey was invited up on stage to sing along on one of their songs, it was very well received.

They played ten songs during their set that finished around 10:20pm. For their last song, Ricardo and Christina invited everyone up to the dance floor to dance, it was hard not to as it was a real boot stomper. You could tell that they were prepping everyone for the bands that were to follow. Oh yes the night was getting more and more exciting.


Ricardo Khayatte and Christina Simpson, are at the forefront of Canada’s folk revival, delivering their debut EP, …And The Sky Opened Up at a time when music fans are gravitating to something “real.” The six song debut has garnered 4.5 Star reviews in Canada’s major market daily papers like Vancouver Sun and the Winnipeg Free Press, as well as stellar reviews in the Toronto Star’s “Anti Hit List” and Exclaim Magazine.

Cory Woodward

I was excited to see Cory Woodward, I heard a lot about him and tonight I got to see him give his heart and soul in his performance. The Cory Woodward Band is a 3 piece folk/rock band. Cory’s music is very easy to listen to and easy to learn so that in know time you can be singing along him. A good thing too because all his songs that he played were on his album that he was selling over at the merch table.

He talked his 5th song that he was about to play, it was titled “Uselessness Of War”. He gave some of his views on war and what this song meant to him, check out the video of the song below.

Cory thanked everyone for coming out and also thanked us for being who we are, and said that he really meant it. Woodward played a 9 song solid set.

Small Bio

“The Edmonton-born singer-songwriter has the uncanny ability to spark a connection between himself and some of the greatest musicians of all time,” boasts Exclaim! magazine about Cory Woodward. And since his arrival on the Vancouver music scene five years ago, he has done nothing but prove this statement to be true. Woodward entices listeners with a soothing, Springsteen-like rasp, then blows them away with the unbridled, soulful bellow of Joe Cocker. Like John Lennon or Jeff Tweedy before him, he can paint a bitter picture of life, but always leaves audiences with a message of hope. With the support of his band Woodward delivers a high energy rock show that you soon won’t forget.



Redgy Blackout

Redgy Blackout is such a fun and interactive band, with hints of ska, folk, rock, country and all out fun dancing music. Redgy and his band were dancing the entire set, creating that party night scene, getting everyone to sing and dance along with them.

Redgy Blackout’s singer Scott Perrie also took the time to bring up some interesting issues about The Toronto Zoo, he started talking about the 2 gay penguins and how they separated them to prolong mating. As well Blackout referred to Cory’s song “Uselessness Of War” and said that he wrote a song about the effects of war and he wrote this song “Children” with an antiwar message.

Before the 9th and finial song of his set, Scott thanked everyone for coming down and wished everyone much love. Then in the middle of the song thanked everyone again. Just at the stroke of 12:15, Perrie dropped his guitar and walks off stage. Everyone loved it and cheered for the beloved encore, just as it seemed that the band was done for the night one girl cry’s out for just one more, the band obliged and walked back on stage.

Scott says that he will play a short one as they are already over time as is, they check with the sound guy and things are a go! He goes back to the gay penguin thing again and then says forget it. One of the other guys bugs him about his short attention span and he comes back with that he did not want to ruin anyone’s night.

They start playing what I think is called “ya, ya, ya” and everyone there is so happy that they are playing one more song that there is not a single person not on the dance floor dancing. Redgy Blackout gets everyone to start singing with the band and starts joking with them. “Ok, now just the guys, ya, ya, ya”! Well, if anyone wants to know if it was a good night, then what I have to say is “ya, ya, ya”!

Small Bio

At the core Redgy Blackout is Scott Perrie and Jeremy Breaks. Collaborating since ’06, they have toured Western Canada consistently and become an exciting live act. Their newest EP garnered critical acclaim from folk/rock and alt country sources for their mix of styles. The songs are woven together with heartfelt vocals and intricate banjo and guitar work. 2011 has been an exciting year for them with appearances at Pop Okanagan, BC Rivers Day Festival and best of all a Top 20 spot in the Peak Performance Project in BC.


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  • Oswaldo

    I really enjoy Redgy Blackout, good job. 

  • Oswaldo

    I really enjoyed Redgy Blackout. Good job.