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Theatre Under the Stars is presenting Shrek: The Musical from July 11 – August 22, 2014 at Malkin Bowl

17 June 2014 No Comment

Lindsay Warnock and Matt Palmer as Princess Fiona and Shrek and Ken Overbey of Burnaby stars as Donkey in this year’s Theatre Under the Stars production of Shrek: The Musical.


This year Theatre Under the Stars or TUTS is presenting 2 musicals at Malkin Bowl, Shrek and Legally Blonde. I was at the opening night of the production Shrek: The Musical, on what seemed to be the hottest day of the year. Of the nearly 3 hour show, the first half was in the beautifully hot day with Stanley Park surrounding you and the second half under the stars of a clear summer night.

While we are all sweating in the Malkin Bowl during the first set, I could not help but feel for Matt Palmer as Shrek in his prosthetic, green paint and padded ogre suit and for Donkey played by Ken Overbey in his full body fabric padded costume.

Lord FarquaadBeing a fan of the DreamWorks movie franchise I found myself very curious about how this musical will relate to both adults and children at this family-friendly night. Pushing the family-friendly rating right to the edge, the night was full of laughing at both adult style humor and the inner kid coming out of you. They even threw in a farting competition which was funny but I found lingered a little longer then needed.

In a recent interview with North Shore News, Lindsay Warnock as Princess Fiona commented “They can expect all the same laughs they had during the movie, plus even more,” she says. “There are hilarious bits that they have added to this musical that really make it just a blast.” And she is right, with a entire slew of characters making their way on stage, there was even a funny appearance from Wilson from the movie Cast Away.

Chris Sinosich did a fantastic job designing Lord Farquaad custom who was played by Victor Hunter. Hunter played Farquaad on his knees as one of the funniest rolls in the show. All rolls were great and lets not forget Charlie Deagnon, Jarret Cody and Liam Kearns in multiple roles, Stuart Barkley as the cross-dressing wolf, Michael Wilkinson as Pinocchio and Sharon Crandall as the Dragon.

Choreographer Julie Tomaino, Set designer Brian Ball, Musical director Chris King and Director Sarah Rodgers. Lets not forget the orchestra which was so right on that we thought for a minute it was play back. Our only recommendation is be prepared for the weather and the mosquitos which come at the end of the show uninvited. Totally recommended for a date or even for a corporate or group event as they have a well stacked bar and different kind of food from chips to West Coast Grilled Salmon. An unforgettable experience.

Theatre Under the Stars presents Shrek: The Musical and Legally Blonde: The Musical, July 11 to Aug. 23 at the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park. Tickets: $20-45 at 604-696-4295 or and if you want to make sure that you’re dry while watching the show, you can purchase rain insurance for an extra $5.

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