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VanMusic’s Open Mic – Nov 15th 2011

16 November 2011 No Comment

Tuesday nights at Displace Hashery in Kits keep getting better and better!

Every Tuesday night VanMusic hosts a Open Mic in Kits at Displace Hashery, 3293 West 4th. Every week the night is full a wide variety of musical talents with well respected artists entertaining the ever growing turnouts. November 15th was no different. With Don Alder showing up a night  before his trip to London, UK to compete in the TOP 10 at the Guitar Idol finals and DGB showing up on tour from Lindsay, Ontario.

Earle Peach in Illiteratty

Two members for Illiteratty showed up to open the night. There song set was “Our Ability To Dance”, “ABBACAC”, “It’s Getting Late” and “Go For A Walk”.

Illiteratty is poetic, silly, angry, fun original folk music featuring Earle Peach on guitar, Albert Klassen on mandolin, Wanda Mundy on bass and Rev Nixon on percussion, and everybody singing.

Earle Peach has played with many groups in Vancouver including Songtree, Natural Elements, Ship of Fools, Flying Ship, Sudanda etc. He conducts multiple choirs, teaches a variety of musical skills, and has created lots of music for theatre (including Bruce, the Musical), film, and video. He has his own website ( or He does most of the writing for Illiteratty.

EV – Evelyn Yngveson

Ev Came on 2nd with a playful set full of get vocals including one song titled “GO” that was about her asshole ex-boyfriend, a very funny song that everyone enjoyed. Her set was “Louisiana Boardwalk”, “GO”, “1 Way Ticket” and “Lover In A Dangerous Time”.

Grrl singer w/ guitar and sometimes piano. “Sexy and smokey-voiced with a personality that exudes in her music – an edginess that makes her stage presence an ethereal and provocative experience.” I keep making music because I love it. The magic that happens when you pour out the emotion and colors from a given experience and turn it into a song is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

 Don Alder

Don Alder blew everyone away again with his 4 song set as the crowd pulled out their cameras  to film 1 or 2 of his songs. This is the 3rd time I have seen Don play and finally bought one of his CD’s which he happily signed for me. His song set was ” Not A Planet”, “He Said She Said”, “Over The Top” and “Chiwaru ‘The Rogue'”.

Don currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His unique style of playing incorporates fingerpicking with simultaneous percussion on the soundboard to create a wall of sound. He is often referred to as sounding like a four piece band. Don’s music is his own unique weave of deeply textured melody and story. Lyrical and compelling, his original songs are notes of exploration – some passionate and haunting, some hard-driven, others light and teasing. In quiet pieces or pushing right to the edge, Don’s phenomenal fingerstyle playing and rich voice captivate.

John Pippus

Always a treat and a personal favorite, John Pippus graced the stage. Playing 2 songs with his electric guitar he switched to EV’s guitar as he was looking for a particular sound. For his 4th song John invited EV back on stage to perform “Love Is Here To Stay” together. His song set was “The Way You Say Goodbye”, “Secret World”, “When My Baby Loves Me” and “Love Is Here To Stay”.

Situated somewhere between the musical influences of John Hiatt, Tom Waits, and Kris Kristopherson, Vancouver singer/songwriter John Pippus. From sharing a stage with Jackson Browne to playing to small, but appreciative coffee house audiences, John has lived a life filled with music and well-earned stories. Critics have declared him, “…a folk/roots gem”, and “…a refined tunesmith with serious pop hooks”.

Paolo Brian

Paolo Brian of Paolo Brian and the Steamclocks was up next. Paolo is very talented and I see nothing but great things in store for him. Playing brand new songs tonight, so brand new that when asking him for his song set he made up the names of the songs right there. Keep an eye out for these soon to be released songs titled “The Drifter”, “No Way Out”, “In The City” and “Call Of Winter”.

While both performance and writing are a love of Paolo’s, what it really comes down to for this dedicated musician is the power of every song to tell a story, and to help us connect to our own experiences and to each other. It is the absolute need to play music and write lyrics, that drive this contemplative artist to continue his mission of creating authentic lyrics and songs that ring true for all who hear them.

Cory Hawthorne

I was not able to get Cory’s song set but he played 4 songs for us that were great to sit back and enjoy the music. A great singer/songwriter that everyone should check out live.

Cory Hawthorne is a BC-based guitarist, singer and songwriter. Born in Winnipeg, he moved to BC at a young age and spent his formative years honing his guitar skills in the heart of heavy metal in the suburbs of Burnaby and Coquitlam. A long time fixture of the Vancouver music scene, Cory’s motto has always been “any style, anywhere.”

Ryan McMillion

It was my second time seeing Ryan McMillan play. Before his set he introduced himself to me and we got to talking. He plays in the band Tripsonic with 3 of his buddies. He really enjoys preforming at Open Mics. In fact his friend Trent is currently putting a documentary together about Open Mics featuring some of Vancouver’s best artists finding out great questions that everyone is wanting to know. Ryan’s set was full of covers that he was able to pull off and proves his true talent that he has. His song set was  “If I Had A Gun” by Noel Gallagher, “Animal” by Neon Trees, “Cold Reminder” by Tripsonic and “Yellow” by Cold Play.


Currently on tour from Lindsay, Ontario, DGB closed down the show! Playing a great set full of fun songs that had everyone rockin’ to the beats and playful habits of the band mats. Their song set might be off as it was late and the drinks were flowing, I believe the set was “Perfect Crime”, Take It Now!”, “Act Nitwally” I think that’s what they wrote, “I Love It When You Leave Me” and “Lights Out”.

The epitome of rock and roll: dangerous, explosive fury and an exciting, high energy performance that makes the room come alive. The rawness and emotion of 90s rockers such as Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins, crossed with the bluesy rock and roll of Led Zeppelin or the Who, and the drive of stoner rock groups like Soundgarden or Kyuss. Powerful, sing along alt-rock choruses, danceable rock and roll rhythms, a bit of a punk edge, and fresh sounding modern vocals.


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