You’ll likely agree that there are certain songs that can elevate your vaping experience. in Laval plays some of the best songs in their vape shop, from classic rock hits to modern pop favorites.

Get Off My Cloud (Rolling Stones)

This is a very spirited song from the English rock band. It’s best to listen when you vape alone. The song is about appreciating being isolated. So, when you vape alone in a corner and listen to this, you’ll feel comfortable.

Green Grass Vapors (Angie Stone)

From the title of the song, you can see that this is a vape song. It’s easy to connect with the songs since it conveys the experience of the singer with vaping. The R&B vibe of the song will make you feel calm, enhance your mood, and uplift your spirits.

Writing on the Wall (French Montana)

Aside from French Montana, other hip-hop artists collaborated to make reggae-inspired music to make your sessions more enlightening. The beats of the song are mesmerizing and the lyrics are relaxing. This combination makes it a perfect vape song.

Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)

This is one of the legendary songs of Led Zeppelin. This is the best piece this rock band has given. Set during the 70s, this is the ideal song when you vape. Because the song is 8 minutes long, you’ll be on an extraordinary journey. That’s because you’ll feel immersed listening to it while you vape.

The Buzz (Hermitude)

You’ll feel energetic listening to this song because of the adrenaline rush from the EDM effects. While you vape, you can’t help but groove to its sound. So, it’s not surprising that this is the band’s best song.

Vapour Trail (Ride)

The song, which is composed by a British band, will make you feel happy. What makes this song great with vape is the drum part that’s followed by the strings.

Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple)

This Deep Purple song was released in the 70s. It was inspired by a fire incident that took place during the band’s performance at a concert. The song is a good accompaniment when you vape because the lyrics are simple and the blend of instruments is on point.

Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)

This famous song will make you feel comfortable when you feel a lot of pressure in your life. You’ll have more than 6 minutes of blissfulness while you vape when you listen to this song.

Music can make you feel good, so it’s great to listen to it while you vape. There are a lot of songs you can add to your playlist, but these popular songs are highly recommended when you vape.

Every vaping session deserves some nice music to complete the sensation. A song with suitable lyrics, tempo, and tone can transform a mundane vaping session into a pleasant, enjoyable one.


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