CBD Oil Can Help Musicians

CBD Oil Can Help Musicians in Many Ways

CBD oil in Canada can help musicians and artists in many ways. Because CBD oil and CBD creams are anti-inflammatory and aid with anxiety, musicians may find themselves in better physical and mental health when they use them. You can buy CBD oil in Canada if you have any anxiety-like problems. However, it’s essential to remember that doses differ from individual to individual.
Here are eight ways that CBD oil can benefit artists.
1. Deals With Performance Anxiety

Lyric Video – Coco Love Alcorn’s Rebirth (2019)

Rebirth had just been released two weeks ago, and Coco Love Alcorn doesn’t disappoint. The title track, Rebirth, is a song of perseverance, and a lot of songs in the album pertain to being able to cope up and get going. Other song titles include Save Me, I Forgive Myself, and Beautiful Mess.
As a daughter of a renowned and award-winning jazz artist, John Alcorn, she has a degree in Berklee College of Music. She is continually inspired by her background and the environment she grew up with. Music was, and is, her life even during her Berklee stint and had her debut album in 1995. She has toured around the country with a lot of …

The Small Glories – Oct. 11 Performance brought by the Rogue Folk Club – Vancouver

The Small Glories are a duo that you will love for sure. On their recent performance delivered at the Roque Folk Club last month, they have proven how a singing duo doesn’t need to be attached (either as siblings or lovers) to achieve a touching duet.
J.D. Edwards and Cara Luft had the most harmonized voices ever heard. They have that kind of rub together when they are singing. Usually, they start singing in solos until, in a specific moment in time, they begin to take the message and harmonized together. They sure know how to play any song well and catch everyone’s attention.
During their October 11 performance, …

Interview with Babe Gurr before her Vancouver album released last September

She is an icon of roots music on the west coast for more than 20 years now. Now, Babe Gurr is set to bring some new piece of roots music through her latest album, Blurred Lines, which was released Sept. 6 at the Mel Lehan Hall at Saint James.
An interview with Babe Gurr reveals astonishing facts about her latest album. Given it had a similar name to a single and album by Robin Thicke, which spurred some controversies, she said that everything was purely coincidental. She said that she respected Thicke, but she is not so familiar with the artist’s music. She said that her album was named as such because she does blur some …