How the Brain Is Affected by CBD and Music

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, has increased in usage over the last few years. Many people are using CBD to increase alertness, especially when it comes to listening to music.
Music is believed to help cure some ailments people may have. However, although the healing process may not be valid, music does allow a person have a wonderful experience. Through this process, people use music as a way of internally healing from many problems. (If you are interested in more, checkout CBD and Delta 8 products here.)
When music and CBD are used together, they …

Music for Guitar

A Visual Guide on How to Read Music for Guitar

Learning to play the guitar is now made easy because of acoustic guitar reviews, especially with a wide variety of online resources to help you out. Aside from burning passion and full commitment, you also need to know how to read music because it significantly reduces the time that it takes to learn your song of choice. If you do not own an instrument yet, look for available Acoustic Guitars at your nearest store.
First, familiarize yourself with the following ways of writing music for guitar. Eager learners see them as three different forms of written sheet music:

Standard Notation
Guitar …

Catch these impressive November double bills at the Vancouver Rogue Folk Club

Vancouver’s Rogue Folk Club has a lot of music events in store for everyone this month. Pretty sure everyone will be flocking at Saint James Community Square’s Mel Lehan Hall for an exciting twofer. It can either be one music award winner and a nominee whichever awarding bodies they were recognized. This is something that everyone should look forward to this month to celebrate the yuletide season.
Matt Patershuk & Stephen Fearing (Nov. 1)
Two great songwriters with different backgrounds but are known to be one of the best in the Canadian music industry because of their heartfelt songs and …

The Vancouver Folk Music Festival: Recap

There were a lot of things that happened during the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. Words are not enough to describe the music, the picnics, the food, the grass – everything there is to say about the festival, but I will say it here.
While there is everything you would expect to see at a music festival, the one thing I was looking forward to other than the music was the food stalls and carts. The fair at the festival also looks eye-catching.
There was so much happening on Day 1: Larkin Poe, Raine Hamilton, Rebecca, and Meghan Lovell, Corb Lund, and many more singers were present and gave everyone a clean slate from their…

The Canadian War Experience, as Expressed Through these Seven Canadian Root Songs

The Canadian war is something we always remember by on Remembrance Day. However, these seven songs will tell you more about the experience and how it had affected a lot of lives in its patriotic and nationalistic appeal to its listeners.
On a Beach in France (Katherine Wheatley)
This touching novel-inspired song came from the part of Timothy Findley’s novel. It was particularly where a mother explains to her child why his father is acting in that manner, a woman’s perspective of man’s thinking after their experience on the battlefield.
Flowers of Saskatchewan (David Francey)…