Rebirth had just been released two weeks ago, and Coco Love Alcorn doesn’t disappoint. The title track, Rebirth, is a song of perseverance, and a lot of songs in the album pertain to being able to cope up and get going. Other song titles include Save Me, I Forgive Myself, and Beautiful Mess.

As a daughter of a renowned and award-winning jazz artist, John Alcorn, she has a degree in Berklee College of Music. She is continually inspired by her background and the environment she grew up with. Music was, and is, her life even during her Berklee stint and had her debut album in 1995. She has toured around the country with a lot of prominent Canadian singers, including 54-40 and Ani DiFranco. Currently, she is based in Owen Sound.

Her soul-gospel voice is so powerful and versatile that she can command anyone to listen to her. Many music commentaries have even spoken about her voice and how powerful it is to be used as a church choir lead vocal.

If this is your first time knowing her, this is your chance to hear her song. Rebirth is now available on all music platforms. The lyric video is now up on Youtube, as well.

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