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16 July 2013 One Comment

We are ContraSound. A little bit punk. A little bit Metal A hell of a lot Rock n’ Roll.

I experienced a disconnect from rock music a few years ago. Having listened to Metallica, Stone Temple Pilots, Creed, Motorhead, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Hendrix for years, I purged my music library in favor of electro house and dubstep. I had firmly entrenched myself in my listening habits, and I never thought I would be convinced otherwise. But, one band did it… and I honestly wouldn’t be writing on this blog if wasn’t for them.

Photography by Jason Mordeno

That band is local, young, talented and full of unbridled potential. That band is called Contrasound.

This 4 piece duo started playing music together in early 2012. The band comprises Storm Torres on vocals,  Kas Von Neste Baker as lead guitarist, bassist Beket Caunter and Monica Sillas on the drums. The dynamic group packs a punch with their music (Be the judge for yourself with their latest track No Consequences), and never fail to deliver a solid performance. I remember seeing their show at Muster Studios; a packed venue but with an iffy crowd that night. The energy was difficult for the band to work with but by the second song, everyone forgot why they were sitting down.

Contrasound has a very “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll” kind of sound, but their music comes from a much deeper level. We all know that lyrics do come from the heart  if they are worthy of being put into song, and this band is no exception to the rule. It’s not for me to say exactly where their inspiration is drawn from, but I would surmise that the Vancouver music grind will have something to do with it. Being an unsigned up and coming band is very difficult in the city of rigid venue rules and overzealous promoters. Yet, despite obstacles, Contrasound has achieved a certain level recognition. Establishing themselves in the tumultuous and saturated rock scene, they’ve done nothing but thrive and grow in their art, and it will be very interesting to see them progress as a group.

How could they not?

Their most recent show was at the Media Club. Contrasound opened up for Murray Atkinson, a slot that seemed like it would go to an older band. Regardless, they fit the bill perfectly and killed it. Here is their live performance of Heavy High from a Media Club show back in 2012.

A band is bound to have situations that are indeed trying, and will test the mettle of everyone involved. Contrasound has until recently been on a hiatus following a hand injury sustained by Kas, who has recovered now and has resumed ripping up the riffs. Contrasound is headlining their next show at Joe’s Apartment on Thursday, July 18th. They are to due to play with Samerez and Killing Vogue. As there is no rest for the wicked, Contrasound signed up with Fox Seeds, and you should vote for them here.

Definitely looking forward to what this band has in store for us, and hopefully Vanmusic will do an exclusive interview to find out!

Article by Damir Khamzin





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  • #1 Fan!

    Great rock metal band! Huge fan. And I can say that I’ve seen almost all your show, all I can say is that; I’ve liked their songs to loving it all. Looking forward to seeing more from them…