The Small Glories are a duo that you will love for sure. On their recent performance delivered at the Roque Folk Club last month, they have proven how a singing duo doesn’t need to be attached (either as siblings or lovers) to achieve a touching duet.

J.D. Edwards and Cara Luft had the most harmonized voices ever heard. They have that kind of rub together when they are singing. Usually, they start singing in solos until, in a specific moment in time, they begin to take the message and harmonized together. They sure know how to play any song well and catch everyone’s attention.

During their October 11 performance, they have featured their latest album. The album Assiniboine and the Red, which features ten songs that were collaborated with Catherine MacLellan, Lynn Miles, James Keelahaghan, and many more in a songwriting retreat. All the songs in the album are a mix of the old and new, but it still gives that mesmerizing effect to the listeners.

How was their performance? It was entertaining. There were talks, a lot of music, and other times they give comments, talk about their singles and their newest album, and stories about it. Admittedly, it was worth watching it from start to finish.

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