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Junior Boys

7 April 2011 One Comment

Free Track from the upcoming EP from The Junior Boys

It’s All True, the bold new album from JUNIOR BOYS, will be released on June 14th around the world (save the UK, which will release on June 20th). The release will be preceded by the release of the 12″ and digital single for the epic 9-minute “Banana Ripple,” which will come with remixes by The Field and legendary disco mixer Tom Moulton. As part of the album announcement, Domino is offering a free download of the album track “ep” at the following link and is available now:

The striking image included with this announcement is a detail of the album’s cover, a deceptively abstract image taken by Jeremy Greenspan’s sister of the UK Pavilion in Shanghai, China. Greenspan made an extended visit to Shanghai to write and begin recording It’s All True. Traces of the influence of the trip can not only be seen but heard in tracks like the album opener “Itchy Fingers” whose exotic middle eight features local musicians Greenspan recorded during his sojourn. With much of the album composed and conceived, Greenspan returned to his native Hamilton, Ontario and was joined by Matthew Didemus to record in earnest at the band’s recently constructed studio where Greenspan had recently mixed and recorded a few tracks on Caribou’s most recent album, Swim.

From the word “go,” It’s All True has a spring in its step as opening track “Itchy Fingers” features lofty bpms in a range never explored on record by the group before and then, just as suddenly, the band shift gears to the sparse, brooding “Playtime.” From the confident stomp of “You’ll Improve Me” and the sophisticated pop of “A Truly Happy Ending” to the epic album closer of “Banana Ripple,” It’s All True is by far the Junior Boys most accomplished album to date.

Junior Boys will be touring around the world in 2011 with their first dates kicking off in early June in Canada, to be followed by extensive touring of the US and Europe. Dates to be announced soon.


Itchy Fingers


You’ll Improve Me

A Truly Happy Ending

The Reservoir

Second Chance

Kick The Can


Banana Ripple

Recorded in Shanghai, Berlin and Hamilton, Ontario

Produced and mixed by Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus

Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service

From Wikipedia

Junior Boys formed in 1999 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada as a duo of Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark. Years of collaboration followed and a demo was produced, but after many rejections and near-misses, they were resigned to being bedroom beat constructors. Soon after, Johnny Dark left the band to pursue other interests. Eventually, KIN Records heard their demo at the end of 2002 and commissioned more work from remaining member Greenspan. Hooking up with his engineer, Matt Didemus, he began again, writing more material and pulling an album together.

The first release Birthday/Last Exit came in October 2003 — a four-track EP with a remix by Fennesz which brought them near-unanimous acclaim[citation needed]. The High Come Down EP followed in February 2004 with a Manitoba (now Caribou) remix and word began to spread. Their debut album, Last Exit (recorded at the end of 2003 by Greenspan and Didemus in Hamilton), was released September 21, 2004 on KIN Records. A reissue on Domino featured the Manitoba mix of Birthday, a Fennesz mix of title track, and a new track.

Junior Boys’ most popular track, Birthday, was featured in Sander Kleinenberg’s high acclaimed mix CD This Is Everybody Too.

The duo has since embarked on a number of tours with Caribou.

In 2006 Junior Boys have reappeared with new releases. A remix of “The Loving Sounds of Static” by Mobius Band was released on the Ghostly International Idol Tryouts 2 compilation on March 7, 2006. “Max”, a new original song, was released on the Paper Bag Records compilation See You on the Moon! on March 21, 2006. Their second full-length album, So This Is Goodbye, was released in August 2006 on Domino Records.

2007 saw the Junior Boys embarking on a North American tour, and then headed to Europe for numerous festivals, continuing into the summer. The remix EP The Dead Horse EP was released in April containing remixes of tracks from So This Is Goodbye. An iTunes exclusive live EP was also released, reminiscent of a John Peel recording, with four live tracks.

Almost a year after its initial release So This Is Goodbye was re-released as a bonus edition including the original album, and remixes from the singles and the live tracks from the iTunes session.

On July 10, 2007, Junior Boys second album was revealed as being on the shortlist for the 2007 Polaris Music Prize. They did not ultimately win the prize.

In April 2008 a single on the German Get Physical label was released titled “No Kinda Man”, with mixes by Jona and Chloé. The original mix had just been featured on the same label’s “Body Language Six” compilation released in March. Whilst the vinyl version was compiled by the band, the CD version was also mixed by the duo.

In September 2008, Morgan Geist’s new album “Double Night Time” was released with five songs featuring Jeremy Greenspan.

On January 16 2009, Junior Boys announced in an official press release that their third full length album would be titled Begone Dull Care, and released on March 24 2009 in Canada, April 7 in the United States and May 11 in Germany. The title and content of the new album was stated to be inspired by the Canadian animator Norman McLaren. A single from the album, “Hazel”, was released on Domino Recording Company in April 2009.

Junior Boys finally managed to tour Australia in September of 2009 as part of the Parklife Festival.

On October 9th 2010, via their Facebook page, they announced that their new album (untitled at that time) was nearly complete. On March 11th 2011, Junior Boys announced that their new album, It’s All True, will be released on June 13th, 2011.

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