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Exclusive Joyce Collingwood Interview and Podcast

21 March 2012 One Comment

Valentine Records and VanMusic Interview Joyce Collingwood!

Doing a podcast with Valentine Records is starting to have a trend of you never know what the fuck is going to happen, and this time proved no different. Dan Jury asked me to join them when doing a podcast as I have seen JC play many times and am good friends with bass player Gillian Callander. Yes getting to interview Gillian, Claudia, Twitchy Twitch and Joy from Joyce Collingwood was an honor and privilege!

Dan, Chris and myself are in Burnaby checking out a recording session with The Dirty Va Jay Jays. As this is a semi media event, the drinks are plenty. It was hard not to drink as the band between recordings would interact with the media and start little drinking cheers to engage us. I got to meet a lot of interesting people that night and was grateful that Ray Bixon (Owner and CEO of Valentine Records) had set this up for us.

In between the social interaction and some very interesting conversations we realize that we have about 2 hours to get to the Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver and do a podcast with Joyce Collingwood. Since we have been at this event for the better part of the afternoon we needed to come up with a plan for us to get there safely. We knew Dan’s SUV would be fine to leave it there over night.

After a few interesting idea’s Chris decided to call Ray as this was his thing and for him to arrange a ride for us. Bixon would never normally pick us but luckily he was in Deer Lake dropping off a “tax related” envelope to his twin girlfriends’ mother’s house. Low and behold a stretched hummer limo arrives 45 minutes later containing Ray and his twin girlfriends. They were on their way to the exclusive underground “Robert Awards” and like always arrived in style.

The twins were lovely as they are beautiful as they always are and Ray like his usual self was miserable. It did not hold be back as this was my first time in a hummer limo and going to interview an all girl punk band. Since Ray always has a tight schedule he dropped us off about a half hour before the suggested meeting time. As we got out of the limo Ray yells at us “Don’t fuck this up” and drops us a handful of cash. Since we were early and had all this money, we decided to get tanked before recording.

As the 3 of us laughed and did shots, the 4 members of Joyce Collingwood showed up. We decided to do the interview right there in the restaurant as JC started ordering their drinks. I know the band well and have a bit of an insider edge with the band, we decided to come up with a safe word on any topics they can’t respond too at the time. Yes Banana was called a few times during the podcast but all questions were answered by the end of it.

We never did hear from Ray that night but that was just like him. The interview went well and I’m sure you will all like it especially if you are a JC fan. Thanks again to Valentine Records and Joyce Collingwood!


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  • Kyhan

    Nice, I’m going to have to come out and see a show now.