The Canadian war is something we always remember by on Remembrance Day. However, these seven songs will tell you more about the experience and how it had affected a lot of lives in its patriotic and nationalistic appeal to its listeners.

On a Beach in France (Katherine Wheatley)

This touching novel-inspired song came from the part of Timothy Findley’s novel. It was particularly where a mother explains to her child why his father is acting in that manner, a woman’s perspective of man’s thinking after their experience on the battlefield.

Flowers of Saskatchewan (David Francey)

From Francey’s sophomore album “Far End of Summer,” the song narrates a scene where someone is reflecting on the men and women involved in the war but never got to come home. It has a touching tune and heart-warming melody, and it can move your soul towards paying more respect to those who died during the Second World War.

The Rocket (Fred Eaglesmith)

The story of the song circles around a veteran of World War I whose perspective on the war changed after a train failed to arrive at the expected day and time.

All Our Roses (Doris Folkens)

This is one of the newer songs that speak about Remembrance Day, where Folkens’ family narrated how they have survived the war.

Soldier Song (Madeleine Roger)

This heart-warming song truly tells the struggles of those who have survived the war yet continues to fight the battle in their minds. The music has some jazz-tinged touch because of her voice, but it sure brings the message of hope and survival.

Hold the Line (Nathan Rogers)

This song tells the story of two farm boys and their experience in World War I, and how it affected them throughout their whole life.

Echoes of Heroes (Gordon Lightfoot)

This song pays tribute to all the soldiers who died in the war. Astonishingly, he had also expressed his anti-war sentiment through this piece of music.

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