She is an icon of roots music on the west coast for more than 20 years now. Now, Babe Gurr is set to bring some new piece of roots music through her latest album, Blurred Lines, which was released Sept. 6 at the Mel Lehan Hall at Saint James.

An interview with Babe Gurr reveals astonishing facts about her latest album. Given it had a similar name to a single and album by Robin Thicke, which spurred some controversies, she said that everything was purely coincidental. She said that she respected Thicke, but she is not so familiar with the artist’s music. She said that her album was named as such because she does blur some musical genres in her songs. She also said that she does not limit her songs to one genre or lyrical content.

Her latest album was said was inspired by the conversations she heard around her. She took the music as an expression to everything that is going on around her. The closing track of the album, Trust, has connotations to a woman’s strength despite every challenge. She also added that she has nothing against those who classify her music, which happens despite her efforts to keep an overall tone for her pieces.

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