There were a lot of things that happened during the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. Words are not enough to describe the music, the picnics, the food, the grass – everything there is to say about the festival, but I will say it here.

While there is everything you would expect to see at a music festival, the one thing I was looking forward to other than the music was the food stalls and carts. The fair at the festival also looks eye-catching.

There was so much happening on Day 1: Larkin Poe, Raine Hamilton, Rebecca, and Meghan Lovell, Corb Lund, and many more singers were present and gave everyone a clean slate from their tiresome week. Everything was exciting.

Day 2 was surely longer because it was held on the weekends. Julian Kerr and Amos Garrett got the early afternoon stage with some jazz-blues acts before heading further to the significant performers of the day. Danny Boudreau, Rad Trads, Don McGlashan, Illtiteratty, Celeigh Cardinal, and Ramblin Jack Elliot were performing throughout the day, plus Matthew Byrne with his excellent ballads. A lot more were playing on other stages so that a couple more beers would do just fine.

Day 3 was a bit relaxed as the crowds have died down a bit. Still, the music continued to fill the air in the venue as artist: Luca Fogale, the Hamiltones, Joy Landreth, Rosie, and the Riveters, Rad Trads, David Hidalgo, Steve Dawson, and Irish Mythen gave in more pieces of traditional music, blues, jazz, ballads, and other folk and contemporary music. Everything was extraordinarily organized despite having multiple stages, but it was apt for the venue.

Overall, the festival was terrific. I can still hear the music in my ears while remembering everything that happened, especially when I had them over some great snacks and a glass of beer.

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